Goodness Of Cassia auriculata / Abartaki /Seena auriculata

          Cassia auriculata 
         Cassia auriculata is a very popular name in the herbal pharm industries. Due to its growing popularity and effective actions it is necessary to reviews its benefits. So, let’s explore it.
Scientific Name
          Cassia auriculata, Seena auriculata
Other Names
Abartaki, Ranawara, Avaram Senna
Interesting Facts
  1. It is a native of India and Sri Lanka
  2. It has a circular, solid and strong stem
  3. Its flowers are irregular bright yellow
  4. Flowers are  bisexual in nature
  5. Each Fruits contains 7 to 10 seeds
Why Use As Medicinal Herb ?
  1. It is a useful Antifungal agent.
  2. It is helpful in Rheumatism,
  3. It is useful in Conjunctivitis.
  4. It is useful in Diabetes (Flower & Seeds)
  5. It is a useful antifungal agent.
  6. It is useful in Fever.
  7. It is useful in Constipation (Leaves having laxative effects)
  8. It is useful in UTI & Urinary Disorders
  9. It is useful in Gout
  10. It is useful in Gonorrhoea
  11. It is useful in sticky loose stool
  12. It is useful chronic  dysentery
  13. It is useful in Worm Infestation
  14. It is used in Bleeding disorder
  15. It is useful in Leucorrhoea 
  16. It is useful in early ejaculation
        Being a herbal origin this is very safe for Use. No such adverse effect are mentioned or noted. But till now very small studies done in this sector so it is better to take few precaution in the bellow mentioned cases
  1. Avoid during pregnancy
  2. Avoid during lactation
  3. Avoid before preoperative state
  4. Avoid after post operative state
  5. Avoid If any complications arises.
  6. If it is allergic you.   

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