Medicinal Properties & Uses Of Dharu Haridra (Berberis aristata)

Dharu Haridra or Indian Barberry a very popular name in Ayurveda. It is use in many Ayurvedic formulations.  It is having multiple benefits for the humankind. In wide ranges of diseases, it can be used. So let us explore it.

Scientific Name
Ø Berberis aristata
Other Names
Darvi, Kantakteri, Kantakita, Panchapacha, Dharuhaldi, Daruharidra, Dharhaldi, Kashmoi, Kingora, Dharuhald, Dharuhaldar, Marmanjal, Kasturipuspa, Darchoba, Indian Barbery.

Part Used
Ø Root, 
Ø Stem, 
Ø Fruit
Interesting Facts
Ø  It is native to the Himalayas in India and in Nepal
Ø  It is 2-3 meter in height.
Ø  Fruits weigh about 227 milligrams.
Ø  It can grow 850-2,500 metres above sea level
Ø  Flowering starts from the first fortnight of March and remains in progress up to the end of April.
Ø  Fruits are sweet.
Ø  The villagers in the hills use roots for making an alcoholic drink.
Ø  It is use for dyeing clothes and for tanning leather.
Medicinal Properties & Uses
Ø  It is very useful in diabetes, root and stem extract are commonly used.
Ø  It is very useful in jaundice and Liver Cirrhosis
Ø  Barberry treats Liver inflammation,
Ø  It promotes smooth bile flow. 
ØIt detoxifies the liver cells from chemical injury (Like Adverse effect of Paracetamol )
Ø  It is useful in Diabetic Neuropathy
Ø  It is very useful in minor cuts
Ø  It is having antibacterial properties
Ø  It having antifungal property
Ø  It having very good role in GI tract.
Ø  It is very useful in fever
Ø  In indigestion it acts great
Ø  It is useful in chronic dysentery.
Ø  It is good in Syphilis
Ø  It is useful in Bleeding disorders
Ø  It is useful in bleeding piles 
Ø  It is useful in uterine bleeding disorders
Ø  It is useful in smoker’s cough
Ø  It is useful in allergic cough
Ø  It is useful in Leucorrhoea 
Ø  It is useful in Typhoid and Malaria fever
Ø  It is use in general weakness.
Ø  Locally used in Ulceration caused by syphilis
Ø  Locally used in Thyroid enlargement
Ø  Locally used in Lymphadenopathy
Ø  Locally used in Fistula
Ø  Locally used in in Urtecaria
Ø  Locally used in Conjunctivitis
Ø  Locally used in swelling of eye
Ø  Locally used in Otitis Media
Ø  Used for Tonsillitis as gurgle
Ø  Locally used in sore throat
Ø  Locally in Laryngitis  as gurgle 
   Almost a safe herb and no such adverse effect noted yet. However, little precaution is better take as very less studies till now conducted on his herbs like,
Ø Avoid in Pregnancy.
Ø Avoid during lactation.
Ø Avoid during pre-operative or post-operative stages.
Ø Avoid in any case of reaction noted after use.


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