Medicinal Properties & Uses Of Jasmine (Jasminum officinale)

           A god gifted many herbs for human civilization. Jasmine is one of those great gifts. It has many benefits. It is used widely in many traditional medicines. In cosmetic companies, it is used hugely. It is a very common fragrance when you will go to choose room fresheners. 
 Scientific Name
Ø Jasminum officinale
Local Names
         Soumensthayani, Sumana, Chetika, Hridyagandha, Chemali, Chamali, Chabeli, Malligai, Yasmin, Saman, Spanish, Jasmine.
Used Parts
Leaves, Root, Flower
Interesting Facts
Ø There are approximately 200 species of jasmine.
Ø Jasmine is a native of tropical and warm temperate regions.
Ø There are many plants contain the word 'Jasmine' in their common names.
Ø Jasmine is used to flavouring the beverages
Ø It is used in candy factories as flavouring agent,
Ø It is used in the bakery in many baked foods.
Ø Jasmine is used to add fragrance to creams & lotions
Ø Used in making perfumes.
Ø Used in making room fresheners.
Ø Used in making instinct sticks
Medical Properties & Uses
Ø  It is very good blood purifier
Ø  It is very effective diuretic
Ø  It is very good for qualitative production of sperm
Ø  It is useful in Itching
Ø  It is works great in wound healing
Ø  It helps in tissue regeneration
Ø  It is helpful in treatment of fissure in anus
Ø  It is used in treatment of piles 
Ø  It is used in minor cuts
Ø  It is very helpful in liver disorders like hepatitis or jaundice or liver cirrhosis 
Ø  It is good in chronic diarrhoea
Ø  It is good for poisoning cases
Ø  It is very good for skin and pigmentation
Ø  It is used in dental ache
Ø  It is useful in sensitivity of teeth
Ø  It is useful in the treatment of mouth ulcer, Stomatitis, Tonsillitis.
Ø  It is helpful in Headache (External application)
Ø  It is helpful in Facial Paralysis
Ø  It is useful in hemiparesis
Ø  It is helpful in general weakness
Ø  It is helpful in mental tiredness
Ø  It is useful in patients developing delusions
Ø  It is effective for unconscious patients
Ø  It is useful in the fracture of penis
Ø  It is useful in skin infections
Ø  It is useful in scabies
Ø  It is useful in Otitis media
Ø  It is useful in Ear ache
Ø  It is useful in amenorrhoea
Ø  It is useful in urinary disturbance
Ø  It is useful in Pimples 
Ø  It is very much effective in blood disorders
Ø  It is useful in anorexia
Ø  It is useful in anuria
Ø  It is useful in infertility cases
           Being an herbal origin, this is very safe for Use. No such adverse effect are mentioned or noted. However, till now very small studies done in this sector so it is better to take little precaution in the bellow mentioned cases
Ø Avoid during pregnancy
Ø Avoid during lactation
Ø Avoid before preoperative state
Ø Avoid after postoperative state
Ø Avoid if any complications arises.
Ø Avoid if it is allergic to you.


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