Medicinal Properties & Uses Of Pippali (Piper longum)

       Being the most intelligent and developed animal humans are the most dominating species in this world but that is not the end of the story. However, we are best but we are not safe. The world is a deadly war battle. Surviving here is a major agenda to all species. Nevertheless, numerous gifts from God in the name of Herbs gives us plenty ways to survive. Pippali or Piper longum is one of them, with hundreds of benefits. So let us explore it.
Scientific Name
Ø Piper longum
Local Names
       Pippali, Magadhi, Baidehi, Krishna, Kana, Chapala, Tikshnatundala, Ushna, Upakulyia, Shondi, Kola, Pipol, Pipli, Magha, Tipili, Pipul, Filfil, Filfil daraz, Long Pepper.
Used Part
Ø Fruits
Ø Roots
Interesting Things
Ø A plant with an identical smell.
Ø Four types of Pippali mentioned in Raja Nighantu (An Ayurvedic Classic) 
Ø Almost all the Asian countries are producing it commercially
Ø Piperine is aromatic oil found in it.
Ø Piplartine is an alkaline agent found in it 
Medical Properties & Uses
Ø It increases the memory
Ø It is a potent diuretic
Ø It is a blood purifier
Ø It increases the qualitative amount of blood components
Ø It promotes digestion
Ø It promotes the digestive enzymes
Ø It is good for Cough
Ø It is good for Bronchial Asthma
Ø It is good for Allergic Cough
Ø It is good for Hiccough
Ø It is good for Tuberculosis
Ø It is used in swelling
Ø It is used in localised or generalised pain
Ø It is good for anorexia
Ø It is good for Indigestion
Ø It is good for pain abdomen
Ø It is good for Liver disorders
Ø It is good for fatty liver
Ø It is good for worms infestations 
Ø It is good for people with heart disorders
Ø It is good for anaemia
Ø It is good for blood disorders
Ø It is good for abdominal abstraction
Ø It is very good as a general tonic
Ø It is good for the people having urinary disorders
Ø It is good for semen disorders or low semen counts
Ø It is good for the women suffering from menstrual disorders
Ø It is good for skin disorders
Ø It is good for people suffering for Fever
Ø It is good for the people suffering from typhoid fever
Ø It is useful for general weakness
Ø It is useful as a Rasayan
Ø It is useful in Liver Cirrhosis  
Ø It is use as anupan in ayurveda for the better absorption and to enhance potency of other drugs.
         Almost a safe herb but few precaution  is better take as very less studies till now conducted on his herbs like,
Ø It should not be continued for a long time (as directed by physician)
Ø Avoid in Pregnancy.
Ø Avoid during lactation.
Ø Avoid during pre-operative or post-operative stages.
Ø Avoid in any case of reaction noted after use.
Ø Gud-Pippali
Ø Pippali Khanda
Ø Pippaliasav
Ø HiOwna contains pippali.



  1. Piper longum: every article cites this, but I have never seen this on sale. I asked in an organic food shop and they said they had no idea. They had normal organic black pepper. I've asked in many shops. No change where I live.

    1. > Congrats bro you got PERTAMAX...! hehehehe...
      Some in joke? Lost me



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