Guduchi Satva: Homely Preparation, Ingredients, Indications, Dosages


  • Yoga Ratnakar
  • Rajayakshmadichikitsa


  • Guduchi is the lonely ingredient of this wonderful medicine.

Can Be Prepared At Home But How?

  • Generally, a fully-grown matured Guduchi stem are collected and partially flattened by pressure or pounded and used to kept them in water for a whole night. The precipitated white layer is collected after draining the water and dried to get the Guduchi satva.  It can be prepared at home.


  • Useful in Chronic Fever. 
  • Useful in Arthritis. 
  • Useful in Body ache. 
  • Useful in gouty Arthritis. 
  • Useful in Typhoid fever. 
  • Useful in patients suffering from auto immune diseases. 
  • Increases immunity. 
  • Good in viral fever. 
  • Good for patients suffering from rheumatic fever. 
  • Useful in skin disorder. 
  • Removes Tonics. 
  • Regenerates New cells. 
  • Delays Aging Process. 
  • Very useful in Diabetes. 
  • Useful in any infection. 
  • Useful in intestinal worms. 
  • It is good in liver disorders. 
  • It increases the male sperm count and sexual drive. 
  • It is good for Lungs. 
  • It is useful in CoughAllergic Cough, Productive Cough. 
  • It is very good brain tonic. 
  • It is useful the  burning sensation feeling in women. 
  • It is useful in bleeding disorders. 
  • It is useful in urinary disorders. 
  • It is useful in Anemia. 
  • It is useful in the treatment of Jaundice. 
  • It is useful in burn cases. 
  • It is good for Piles.
  • It is beneficial for recovery periods after long standing weakness 


  •  500 mg to 1 grm with honey or Ghee or Butter Or Chavanprash twice daily for Adults. 
  • 60 mg to 125 mg twice daily with ghee or butter or honey for children.
  • Work good when given with  tulsi swaras along with ginger juice In Fever Cases with 500 mg Giloy Satva.? For the treatment of Arthritis,   give 500 mg Giloy Satwa with Balarista or Maharasnadhi Kwath   preparations twice a day.
  • In chronic cough give 500 mg Giloy Satwa with chavanprash twice daily. 
  • In Urinary disorder give 500 mg Giloy Satwa with Bhanga Bhasma and Amala Juice or Turmeric Juice. 
  • 500 mg Giloy Satwa with Mukta Pisti with Misri with Milk in bleeding disorders. 
  • Prabal Pisti, Sitophaladhi Choorna With 500 mg Giloy Satwa with Butter for Burning Sensation Of Feet. Use of Mahalakshadhi Oil locally is very much beneficial is such cases.
  • Eladhi Churna, Sutsekher Ras with  500 mg Giloy Satwa in case of chronic acidity.


  • It is a safe herbal preparation. It can be use by even in pregnant women for different disorders but after proper consultation with you doctor.
  • Avoid in any case of reaction noted after use.


  • Almost all the leading Ayurvedic drug manufacturing company making it. It comes in generally 10 gram to 100grms glass/plastic container.
  • Cap. Guduchi (Himalaya) contains almost same preparation, which can be taken by patients having difficulty in taking the Giloy Satva due to its bitter taste.

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