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Tridosha: An Ayurveda Philosophy,Types, Subtypes, Basic Importance In Treatment.

Ayurveda is an ocean of knowledge, a science of life, a tradition of thousands of years. It is the science that deals with nature and grows with Philosophy. Ayurveda believes in some basic fundamental thoughts which are the main base of Ayurvedic Science and Treatment. However, it is a natural philosophy, a kind supreme thought which is very interesting and effective in the lines of treatment. The terms like Vata, Pitta, Kapha are very common in many Indian languages but the maximum time they are wrongly interpreted or understood by common people due to lack of knowledge regarding these matters. Unfortunately many Ayurvedic physicians are also not practicing this thousand of years of philosophy in their day to day practice, which is very worst thing for this long-standing philosophy. Tridosha:The Ayurvedic Philosophy is all about the Tri-Dosha, the three all-important trio Vata, Pitta Kapha. People from this science are well known about these the terminologies but for whom I am writing…

Ayurvedic Drugs Contains Heavy Metals: The Truth Behind This.

If you start typing in the Google search bar about the Ayurvedic Medicines like this “Ayurvedic Medicines Con …..”  Then before you complete Goggle will show you the second/first suggestion that “Ayurvedic Drugs Contains Heavy Metals”. Such advance options means it is one of the most searchable keywords in the web, and it is sad to say that the concept is not 100% correct. Yes, being a man from Indian System of Medicine I accept that our Rasa Medicines contains metals but those are purified by several established methods. In addition, such purified drugs do not contain harmful heavy metals. So, why people are thinking such?  Many factors are responsible for that. However, unfortunately we never thought our positions in this deadly beautiful world while comparing the toxicity of Ayurvedic drugs with normal values. So let us explore the exact reasons behind such conception worldwide. Contamination From Nature:The world is beautiful; a lovely place to live but all places are not like that…

Population Explosion: Bad Effects On Our Society & Next Generation

Giving birth to a baby is the basic aim of all animals. From the starting of human civilization, it was a challenge for our ancestors to create a human dominant place on this brutal earth. However, to make it true in reality when there were only few colonies of humans, they aimed for a large human force. During that period, a rapid growth can see in the pages of history. Nevertheless, that race of dominance with all animals now finished, we are well established on this earth. However, unfortunately we have not adopted some basic fundamental duties in respect of time to walk with changing nature. There was a time when we needed a large population but now we need to control that extra flow of Population explosion.
     The world is having more than 700 cores of human today where the contribution of Chain and India together is half of that. It is quite impossible to maintain a good balance between nature resources and population when you have to feed such a large number of people. In Indi…

Mahasankha Vati: Ingredients, Indications, Dosages

Reference ·Bhaishyaja Ratnavali ·Arsorogachikitsa ·Verse No 202-203 Ingredients ·Kajjali ·Sankhabhasma ·Vatsanabha ·Trikatu ·Panchalavana ·Cincakshara ·Hingu Indications ·Cough ·Fistula ·Skin diseases likeEczema ·

Tribhuvankriti Rasa; Ingredients, Indications, Dosages

Reference ·Rasamrit ·Chapter 9 Verse no 80 Ingredients ·HingulaorCinnabar ·Visa ·Sunthi ·Marichaor Chilli ·Svarasa(Juice ofVasak) ·GingerJuice ·Hema Juice ·Nirgundi Juice (Vitex negundo) Indication ·Useful inTonsillitis ·Useful in Laryngitis ·Useful in Pharyngitis  ·Useful in Coughand Cold ·

FLU; Ayurvedic & Herbal Treatment

They can smartly reduce the flu effects and by improving body immune system against the causative microbes.      Definition
      Flu is nothing but the combination of few symptoms, similar to influenza or a common cold. Viruses cause it. Lack of stamina in the body immune systems is the main factor in the manifestation of this flu. According to the variety of responsible viruses, they are classified different groups, like birds flu, HN
·Sudden Onset
·Feverish feeling or Fever (more than 100*F)
·Running Nose
·Sore Throat
·Body ache
·Fatigue, Tiredness
·Burning sensations
·Pain abdomen
·Cold like symptoms