Ayurvedic Drugs Contains Heavy Metals: The Truth Behind This.

If you start typing in the Google search bar about the Ayurvedic Medicines like this “Ayurvedic Medicines Con …..”  Then before you complete Goggle will show you the second/first suggestion that “Ayurvedic Drugs Contains Heavy Metals”.
Such advance options means it is one of the most searchable keywords in the web, and it is sad to say that the concept is not 100% correct. Yes, being a man from Indian System of Medicine I accept that our Rasa Medicines contains metals but those are purified by several established methods. In addition, such purified drugs do not contain harmful heavy metals.
So, why people are thinking such?  Many factors are responsible for that. However, unfortunately we never thought our positions in this deadly beautiful world while comparing the toxicity of Ayurvedic drugs with normal values. So let us explore the exact reasons behind such conception worldwide.

Contamination From Nature:

The world is beautiful; a lovely place to live but all places are not like that. I am not telling about any Desert or an Iceland; there are plenty of places in this world, which are full of deadly, poisonous, radioactive, toxic metals. Those places are looks like normal other heavenly places even people are living all around that unknowingly. All you readers might have listen about Arsenic in the water or Lead in the soil but are you sure that your daily breakfast are not having led or arsenic? Are you taking rice from a place that is grown in the heaven and having no lead or arsenic in that? Exactly same thing is happening with the Ayurvedic Herbal Products, which are purely herbal, but due to raw material collections from all around the globe makes it venerable. As they are medicines, so they are tested through tough processes so occasionally some metals in minor quantity are been discovered, which not a basic ingredient of those. That means any of the ingredients containing something wrong. A study that was conducted at in Thiruvananthapuram District, Kerala, that may shock you,
The present study was carried out to assess the heavy metal contamination in the evergreen tree Mangifera Indira L. and soils near the National Highway-47 passing through Thiruvananthapuram District in Kerala State. The study showed that the concentration of heavy metals like cadmium, lead, and zinc in the leaves and crops of Mangifera indica in the sampling stations of roadsides were high compared to that of the control station in the study area. The presence of heavy metals were also detected in the soils of all selected study stations near National Highway-47, and the concentration of lead and cadmium were found high in the soils collected from the study stations, Thanmpanoor and Pallichal of Thiruvananthapuram district with high vehicular intensity. Therefore this study concludes that the Mangifera indica L and its crop 'mango' in the main road side areas of the capital city of Kerala were contaminated with heavy metals which may cause health problems in humans on daily consumption of the crop.”
That means your breakfast is not safe, or your healthy glass of fresh juice may make you so sick. The rice or wheat, which you are consuming are not going through such tough process, so they remain undiscovered. Therefore, Ayurvedic products may contain heavy materials as a gift from nature, not from the manufacturer.

Nearness Of Industrial Areas:

Nearness of the Industrial areas makes the plants nearby more toxic and even enters in our food chain. We being the smartest animal in this earth used to drain all toxic industrial materials to the river, which makes the water so polluted that it affects the plantations and crops, which are cultivated generally in the banks of rivers. Interestingly as such, places are considered most fertile places for crops and such area are termed food production units of the states. In this world of hi-tech civilization, our nature is in threat, and that is pushing our upcoming generation in uncertainty.  Always remember Ayurvedic drug manufactures are not putting unprocessed metals in their products, but the nearness industrial area of any raw material may raise the risk of presence of heavy metal in drugs. In addition, kindly never forget that your daily vegetables, grains, fruits, etc. all may contain a high level of toxins. 

Poor Manufacturing Quality:

The companies that are producing Herb-Mineral or Mineral preparations are following certain guidelines for the purification's of heavy metals in such a way so that they can be easily adopted by our body without any harmful effect. We all money and policies make our society healthy but, unfortunately, greedy people make it everything unhealthy. It has been observed that few low-grade companies try to manufacture medicines by disobeying the laws, rules, methods for profit and which pushes the consumers in risk.  


    Ayurvedic Products Contains Heavy Metal is not true. Some unavoidable circumstances make the herbs polluted. Being naked to this world nature, we are always in threats. What we are today is because of gifts of nature and only nature can cure us. So live with nature cure with Ayurveda.

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  1. Question: How safe are the heavy metals used in Ayurveda?
    Answer: Heavy metals like Mercury, Lead, Tin etc. are known to cause damage to Kidney and some other harms to our body. It is the reason why many modern medicine practitioners are often seen to advising their patients not to use Ayurvedic Rasaushadhi (a category of Ayurvedic medicines) and they apprehend that such Ayurvedic formulations are toxic to the kidney, liver or to other systems. But the real fact is that neither the Ayurvedic system applies heavy metals in toxic form nor Ayurvedic Rasaushadhis are toxic as the modern practitioner claims. Ayurvedic Metallurgy (Rasa Shastra) is a huge subject which deals with the special purificatory procedures (Shodhan kriya) of every metal used in Rasaushadhi and their harmless administration procedure into the organic body. Ayurveda itself describes the toxicity that may arise if such metals are used without treating by the Shodhan procedure mentioned for respective metals or other poisonous drugs. These toxic symptoms mentioned for a non-purified metal resemble the metal toxicity described by modern science. This means ancient Ayurvedic Scholars were completely aware of the metal toxicities and they used these metals only after finding a way to transform the metals into non-toxic by the process of some Shodhan procedure. In modern days, many studies have been made on the Ayurvedic Rasaushadhi (metal containing formulations) and no harmful effect has been found unlike it is claimed. For example an ayurvedic formulation ‘Makaradhwaja’ which is prepared using Mercury, Gold etc. was studied and found not to be nephrotoxic but protective to the kidneys from nehrotoxins. Shukla et. al. observed that ‘Makaradhwaja’ has no toxic effect on kidney, on the contrary it protects the kidney against the toxic effects of Mercuric chloride. In this regard, some western doctors like Sir Charles Pardeay quotes the ayurvedic metallic preparations as the greatest triumphs of Ayurveda. Easily saying like the Iron can be administered in its oxidised (Fe2+ or Fe3+) form with the presence of VitC or Folic Acid, ayurvedic scholars found the means how some other metals can be medicinally utilised. Ayurvedic scholars have been using Dhatri Lauha, the finely powdered rust Iron (oxidised Fe) amalgamating with Amla which is a depo of VitC since 3 thousands of years. Now, if modern science would not have been discovered that oxidised iron can be admininstered safely with the presence of vitC, would it be fare to say that ayurvedic procedure of administering Iron is not safe even after observing that the same can cure number of anaemia cases? Of course, if the heavy metals are not properly purified (undergone Ayurvedic Shodhan process) as specially described for respective metals, it may cause many adverse effects as mentioned both by Ayurveda and modern science. This is one of the reasons why seeking ayurvedic medicine from quakes or from anywhere who has no institutional study of Ayurveda may be dangerous. Therefore, any Ayurvedic products should never be taken without consulting a registered ayurvedic physician. Moreover, whether it is Ayurvedic, modern or any other system, side effects is always there with a medicine if not properly administered. Medication is always advised by calculating the ratio between the benefits and the harms by the medicine. A huge bulk of modern medicine has a number of side effects doesn’t mean that we should not take the modern medicine. Important thing is that a practitioner of the respective system is better known about where and when, how and what type of medicine from his system will be beneficial to his patients.

  2. Every thing in this world having it's good and bad points. We have to look for the more benefits with less side effects. Perhaps that's why in spite of huge side effects still modern system of medicine are randomly used and accepted.

  3. Ayurveda is the world's healling system. Ayurvedic medicineis are safely to eat. Ayurveda gives us various types of therapies which improve our daily life structure.

  4. Ayurveda is the world's healling system. Ayurvedic medicineis are safely to eat. Ayurveda gives us various types of therapies which improve our daily life structure.

  5. In Ayurveda, There are several medicine are available.Ayurvedic medicines .these medicine are safe & effective. In Ayurvedic medicine, we don’t mix any harmful chemical product.