FLU; Ayurvedic & Herbal Treatment

 They can smartly reduce the flu effects and by improving body immune system against the causative microbes.     

      Flu is nothing but the combination of few symptoms, similar to influenza or a common cold. Viruses cause it. Lack of stamina in the body immune systems is the main factor in the manifestation of this flu. According to the variety of responsible viruses, they are classified different groups, like birds flu, HN


·        Sudden Onset

·        Feverish feeling or Fever (more than 100*F)

·        Chill

·        Running Nose

·        Sneezing

·        Cough

·        Sore Throat 

·        Body ache

·        Headache

·        Fatigue, Tiredness

·        Weakness

·        Burning sensations

·        Nausea

·        Vomiting

·        Diarrhoea

·        Pain abdomen

·        Cold like symptoms

·        Anorexia

·        Mental irritation

·        Loss of sleep

(A gradually untreated cases cause develops multiple compilations and those can be fatal.)


(When You Need Hospitalization)

·        Breathing Difficulty

·        Purple of Bluish lips

·        Persistent Pain Abdomen

·        Persistent Vomiting

·        Sever Weakness

·        Unconsciousness

·        Loss of orientation

·        Sudden dizziness

·        Seizures

·        Confusion

Ayurvedic Approach

Ayurveda says

''स्वस्थस्य स्वास्थ्यरक्षणं अतुरस्य विकार प्रशमनाम्चा"

Which Means

“To Cure Those Who Are Diseased and To Protect the Health of Healthy Individuals by Promoting the Standards of Health”

Till today WHO is also running behind that aim (That is similar to that only the language is different) to achieve a disease-free world and to promote the normal health of the world population. However, until today we are not able to get that goal.

Ayurveda believes in such a state of health where you will not effect by any microbes, and if somehow, you effected then your enhanced body protecting mechanism will help you in fighting battle in the manifestation of flu. It is often discussed that prevention is better than fighting with germs.

Ayurveda promotes its Yuktikrit Immunity (Acquired Immunity) concept for controlling the fear and chances of getting the flu. Ayurveda says the use of Rasayan is the best way to improve the body defence mechanism. There are many Rasayan mentioned in Ayurveda for the enhancement of body defence.

Concept of Rasayan

Rasayan is health-promoting formula or concept that rejuvenates the whole physiology and improves body defence by producing resistance against disease both physically and mentally. Rasayana is defined as a natural substance, which promotes the optimal strength and vitality, not of one isolated tissue or system, but of the entire organism.

Starting from Single Herbs to Minerals, From Compound Formulation to Different Extracts, there are many such Rasayan described in Ayurveda.

Effective Drugs

    There are several drugs mentioned in Ayurveda for the treatment of diseases, like flu. Such drugs can use in the cases of unknown microbes. Again, plenty of Rasayan medicines described which are very potent in promotion of bodies defence. 

Single Herbs (Rasayan)

·        Guduchi (Acts an immune booster, useful in Fever management)

·        Amlaki (Full of anti-oxidants and immune booster useful in healing)

·  Drum Stick (Full of vitamin A, Calcium, Iron and many micro elements, exceptional herb in many disease, having high nutritional values) 

·        Mananjistha (Having great effects on skin and boosts up immunity)

·        Guggulu (It having some effects like NSIDS and acts as Immune booster)   

· Bhallataka (Though it is a poisonous but after purification it works like nectar to our body)

·      Garlic (It is well known to everybody it reduces bad fats and monitors cardiac activity, it is having anti-microbial, antibacterial, antiviral activity)

·        Ashwagandha (It boosts up immunity, gives strength to the body)

·        Aloe Vera (Full of anti-oxidants, detoxifies toxins, acts as immune booster)

·   Tulsi (It boosts up immunity and having anti-bacterial and anti-microbial activity, It is having great rule as lung tonic)

·     Pippali (Having some exceptional antimicrobial activity, it increases the body resistance towards microorganisms)

·  Ginger (In ayurveda it is known as "Biswa Bhesaja" means a herbs that is universally accepted, it having great works in our GUT activity and gives immunity) ……………….etc.

Compound Medicines

·        Prataplankesher

·        Tribhuban Kirtti Ras

·        Makaradwaj (Rasayan & Useful Drug In Treatment)

·        Chavanprash (Rasayan & Useful Drug In Treatment)

·        Amrit Bhallataki Rasayan (Rasayan & Useful Drug In Treatment)

·        Amlaki Rasayan (Rasayan & Useful Drug In Treatment)

·        Chitrak Haritaki Rasayan (Rasayan & Useful Drug In Treatment)

·        Draksharisata 

·        Guduchi Satva  (Rasayan & Useful Drug In Treatment)

·        Amritarista 

·        Naradiya Laxmi Vilash Rasa

·        Maha Laxmi Vilash Rasa

·        Vasa Kantakari Ableha………etc.

Patent Herbal Products

·        Tab. Septilin (Available in Syp and Drops)

·        Tab. Immumod (Available in Syp)

·        Tab. Extraimmune ( Available in Syp)

·        Cap. Sepno (Selveo Health Sciences) 

·        SIVA Herbal Drops (Dr.Jrk Siddha) ………etc


Use of Ayurvedic drugs improves the overall body performance and enhances the body defence mechanism. Clinically it is proved that use of such herbs or compounds reduces the risk of attacks markedly, and a prolonged use can provide such body defence that we can fight with our immune system against worlds deadly microbes.  Use of such drugs after any significant infection is very helpful in preventing the recurrence flu. Therefore, it can be said that if anyone of your neighbour suffers from unknown flu and you are in Rasayan treatment then you will be in less threat than the others will do your enhanced body immunity. Nevertheless, never forget to consult your doctor before starting any medications.


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