Population Explosion: Bad Effects On Our Society & Next Generation

Giving birth to a baby is the basic aim of all animals. From the starting of human civilization, it was a challenge for our ancestors to create a human dominant place on this brutal earth. However, to make it true in reality when there were only few colonies of humans, they aimed for a large human force. During that period, a rapid growth can see in the pages of history. Nevertheless, that race of dominance with all animals now finished, we are well established on this earth. However, unfortunately we have not adopted some basic fundamental duties in respect of time to walk with changing nature. There was a time when we needed a large population but now we need to control that extra flow of Population explosion.

     The world is having more than 700 cores of human today where the contribution of Chain and India together is half of that. It is quite impossible to maintain a good balance between nature resources and population when you have to feed such a large number of people. In India and China, people can realize the effect of population explosion. If we go deep in the realistic world, we can make out the adverse effect of carrying such large number of population with us.

20 Deadly Effect Of Population Explosion:

  1. Globally we are producing 135 cores of humans every year where we are losing 55 corers. Approximately suggest that 80 cores of people used to join us in every sector of life on every upcoming year. We have to share our all-basic needs with them. However, the adverse effect not ends here; there are thousands of reasons that are pushing us in danger. So let me tell me few of them. 
  2. The Green Revolution, it sounds good to us, but the factors behind the success of green are not so good. Use of artificial fertilizer, pesticides, hormones for balancing the food production and consumer’s need putting us in danger by decreasing the normal production capacity of the land. Moreover, we all know the toxicity level of various pesticides, fertilizers. Using of rivers for the disposal of human waste products is nothing but a formula that is indirectly affecting our health by the increased river pollution. 
  3. Heavy industries need a plenty of water, and they are using the river-based water most for that purpose, but it a waste of sweet water. They are also damaging the Eco-diversity of the rivers by expelling the toxic things on that. The example of Ganges is one of them. 
  4. For the solving the huge demand of the food grains and others, we need plenty of sweet water. In one sense, the excess population is just consuming the future storage of our next generations. 
  5. To mobilize we need large number of roads, rails, airports but for that, we have to hit the nature hard. For all these large number of forest needs to demolish. 
  6. In highly populated countries like India, where still now the educational in fracture are not well equipped just because of the huge gap between the number of students and available seats on institutions. Many bright students’ future ends in frustrations. 
  7. It is always a huge task to maintain the production and utilization balance when you have to walk with a huge crowd. 
  8. For the health sectors, it is quite impossible to fulfil the educate demand with assured quality of health facilities. 
  9. Tourism though called a very opportunistic business and many people jumping on it but indirectly it demolishes the natural beauty and balance in many places. The flood in Kedarnath is one the example of bad effects of tourism. 
  10. It is seen that the cereals production is still now balanced even in the country like India, but the growth in pulses production is not satisfactory. Which simply affecting the Nutritional status of the people due to lack of production and high demand. 
  11. Over fishing already ended the life of many species from this world. 
  12. To dominate the area we are pushing the wild animals deeper in the forest from all sides but that actually bringing them closer to us due the loss of the radius of their areas. 
  13. For fulfilling our needs, we always depended on plants, but how many of us can remember the month or even year when he/she had planted a tree for the humankind…? Even I cannot remember. However, in spite of doing this we are actually contributing in the deforestation more. 
  14. More People means use of more plastics use, and we all know about the effects of that. 
  15. More people mean more kitchens and thus we contribute a lot in the production of more carbon dioxide in the air. 
  16. More people mean more human waste products for disposal of that we need a large area. 
  17. Due lack of land and for making home people are going even in hills or coastal areas that result fatal. That we have already seen many times during tsunamis.
  18.  More people in home means more use of Mobile phone in the home and same more number of Mobile towers in the area actually pushing us in more radiations which results very fatal like immature bone development in Child, abortions and may more. 
  19. Every day lacks computer, and cell phones, Freezes, ACs, Bikes, and Cars are damaging and putting that damage thing we need a huge area, which is termed as Gadget Pollution. 
  20. More people mean more use of chemicals and ultimately all those come contact in nature and somehow that enters in our body again. Like the use of DDT.
        I am not telling to follow them but being the best animal in this world we must come out with a huge sensibility for this war against population explosion. Family planning can play a great role and for that, please contact your physician. There are plenty of methods to adopt. However, I suggest NSV or No Scalpel Vasectomy, which is simple, effective, and easy to adopt for the males. After completing the desired child, anyone can adopt this method and can enjoy life stress-free. It is said that sperms are the essence of all body components and sperms are more nutritious than the best Vitamin Pills in the market and interestingly in NSV the sperms are absorbed by the body itself which very good in sense of male’s health.
       The desire fertility is very much less than the existing fertility scenario. Which means the unwanted pregnancies that we are caring are transforming in unwanted population for this world and though it sounds bad but true is that they are a burden for us. Therefore, we should come forward and have to fight against this deadly war against this human explosion just remembering the future with all scientific aspects.
      Herbs like Neem Oil can be used locally before intercourse as it having spermicidal action. Many such herbs can serve for this purpose.  

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  1. Even if 90% of the word population would die today, it wouldn't help if the remaining 10% consumes as much as todays Japanese or US-americans do.

    The most effective way to lower the birthrate is making sure all girls go to school long enough

    1. Ya You Are Absolutely Correct. Only Education And Some Strong Steps From Govt. Can Save Us. Though We Are In The 21st Century But We Have Very Poor Self Realizations.