Dates; Medicinal Uses, Interesting Fats

Scientific Name:

  • Phoenix dactylifera

Interesting Facts:

  1. The proportion of Calcium and Phosphorus are almost same as remain in Human body.
  2. Full of minerals and essentials vitamins.
  3. Basically it is fruit of Deserts but Dates can be found in all over India though the fruits quality are better in deserts,
  4. Dates for the middle east are considered best for the taste and benefits,
  5. Origin is somehow not known but believed to be in Iraq.
  6. Used as staple food in Middle east and Indus valley.
  7. Evidences said that even 6000 BC there was some history of Dates cultivation.
  8. Fossil study shows some evidence of Dates presence even 50 million years ago.
  9. Egypt, Iran, and Saudi Arabia are the tree top producer of dates.
  10. In Pakistani a syrup of dates used in lather industry for coating bags to prevent leakage.

Medicinal Properties & Uses:

  1. Regular consumption of dates keeps us fit and fine.
  2. Regular consumption of dates keeps the cancer away.
  3. Regular consumption of dates is very much beneficial for our nervous system.
  4. Regular consumption of dates is very nutritious that is why used by many pharmaceutical companies as body mass enhancing formulas.
  5. Regular consumption of dates is good for people suffering from Anemia.
  6. It is the source of almost all know minerals and vitamins essentials for us.
  7. Regular consumption of dates is even good for diabetic patients as it contains natural sugar and beneficial nutritious things.
  8. Regular consumption of dates is recommended for those who are physically weak.
  9. Regular consumption of dates is beneficial in recovery periods from any chronic illness.
  10. Regular consumption of dates is very much beneficial for pregnant women.

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