10 Reasons Why We Should Not Eat Broiler Chickens ?

           Broiler Chicken the most common and easily available meat in he market now days. There are many restaurants, which will shut down without them. There are thousands of people who can't live without them. We are connected hugely with these birds. They somehow entered in our kitchens with a bucket of unhealthy benefits. These unhealthy facts are mostly unknown to us. So let’s cheek out.
  •   Have you seen the walking patterns of broiler chicken? You might have observed that they can’t walk even one meter after two months of age properly. Ayurveda believes the activity of the animal that we are going to eat effects on the consumer's health accordingly. Means if we are going to eat an animal that is lethargic and weak then same symptoms may appear in our body. The activity of broiler chicken is known to all. It is seen that excess broiler chicken eater becomes more fatty and lethargic.
  • Broiler chickens are fedded with large amounts of antibiotics and drugs for quick growth and to keep them alive in most unhealthy situations. The Broiler Chicken  babies are more active than adults who simply indicates the use of harmful drugs. These antibiotics create antibody resistance in our body without our concern. The stool also contains high level of antibiotic which used to mix with nature and creates resistance among the germs.
  • The number of human on this planet and number chicken almost equal. But the chicken are the most abused animal in this earth. They are slaughtered maximum times than any other animal because they are a source of many deadly diseases.
  • Broiler Chicken often sold in the restaurants after death by unknown causes. This issues may be alarming.
  • They often stored in large amount in a small place which increase the spreading of diseases. Bird flu is known to us.
  • Broiler Chicken contains as much as cholesterol as red meat so those who thinks it  as healthy for them sorry.
  • Broiler Chicken most of the times consumed as grill chicken or tandoori chicken or smoky chicken but, unfortunately, those all are cancerous and three times more dangerous cigarettes.  
  • It is seen that 99% of the poultry farms and Broiler Chicken consists of deadly bacteria with them.
  • If Broiler Chicken cooked in high temperature that also may turn to cancer causing materials.
          So though we are die hard fan of Broiler Chicken, but they are not safe at all. It is to be said that if you can control your tongue your life span will increase proportionally.  Try to avoid Broiler Chicken  as much as possible..

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