20 Reasons, Why We Should Gurgle Regularly ?


     Regular gurgling is a very healthy practice that we never do unless we got some infection in our throat. In Ayurveda, it is mentioned with some special preferences. It should to done in the morning regularly after washing the teeth with indicated herbs or preferred formulations.  Our ENT doctors often advise us to perform the gurgle with normal saline or salt water. Salt water is considered as one of the best remedies for Tonsillitis, Pharyngitis, etc. But if you start with certain herb mix medicated water than it can give you some magical results.
Benefits & Indications Of Gurgle
  1. Gurgle With Herbs mix Water flush outs the all food materials which remains in the gaps of teeth.
  2. Gurgle With Herbs mix Water flush out the post nasal drip from the oral cavity
  3. Gurgle With Herbs mix Water flush out the all germ causing materials from the oral cavity
  4. Gurgle With Herbs mix Water flush out  the bacteria that grows in the oral cavity
  5. Gurgle With Herbs mix Water flush out acid causing materials, which causes the loss of enamel
  6. Gurgle With Herbs mix Water helps in prevention of tooth decay
  7. Gurgle With Herbs mix Water helps in the removal of swelling of tonsils
  8. Gurgle With Herbs mix Water helps in the treatment of mouth ulcer 
  9.  Gurgle With Herbs mix Water helps in keeping oral cavity fresh.
  10. Gurgle With Herbs mix Water helps in sore throat 
  11. Gurgle With Herbs mix Water helps in laryngitis 
  12. Gurgle With Herbs mix Water helps in gingivitis 
  13. Gurgle With Herbs mix Water helps in dry cough 
  14. Gurgle With Herbs mix Water helps in singer's cough
  15. Gurgle With Herbs mix Water helps in gum bleeding  
  16. No need to spend money for buying mouth wash
  17. It prevents bad breath and good for toothache
  18. It keeps the muscle of face strong
  19. It gives nourishment to the mouth mucosa
  20. It is gives freshness of breath and increases confidence. 
  Herbs That Can Be Used For Making Home Made Mouth Wash
         Gurgle can be performed without any herbal medicine, herbs. It also plays a good role in maintaining the oral hygiene. But the use of herbal drugs or herbs boosts the performance of gurggling. For Us making a habit of gurggling after each meal and in the early morning is more important.
  1. One glass of water mix with half tsf ginger juice, 3/4 numbers of Elachi/ Cardamom and common salt. Cook that for 4/ minutes and make that luke warm and use for gurgling.
  2. Plain normal saline, means mix common salt with luke warm water and that can be used.
  3. Green tea mix with ginger juice, Tulsi  leafs or Holy basil, and Elachi/Cardamom in a glass of water and make decoction.
Medicines That Can Be Used For Gurgling
  1. G 32 Mouth Paint (Alsrsin)
  2. Glycoseptal Mouth Wash (Jupiter)
  3. Hi Ora Mouth Wash ( Himalaya)
  4. AD Septal (Arunava Drugs)
       So it is clear that the gurgle plays a vital rule in making the freshness of breath. It is very much effective for plenty of oral diseases and disorders. Use of certain herbs makes the gurgle more complete and  beneficial. But making the habit of gurgle on regular basis in our daily life is more important.


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