5 Recipes To Improve Your Sexual Power.

    Sexual life plays a very vital role in the maintenance of our marital status and relationships. However, many people suffer from many frictions, divorces with their respective partners due to poor sexual relationships. Lack of libido is one of the main causes in such cases. Nevertheless, for those people Ayurvedic recipes can be a hope.
Ayurveda, the science of life describes all the corners of our life. In ancient classics, Ayurvedic Physicians describes many homely recipes for the people who want to increase their libido. Here I am going explore five of those recipes from a classic book “Bhaishyaja Ratnavali''.

Recipe No. 1
Rohu (Labeo rohita) Fish Dish
Take a mature fresh Rohu Fish (Labeo rohita) and make it in small pieces. Then Mix Jeera, Ginger, Dhaniya, Ela etc. spices and fry it in Cow’s Ghee. Take it regularly basis.
Ø (Source, Vajikaranadhikar Ch. 74. Sloka 15)

Recipe No. 2
Take Vigna mungo or Urad Daal and wash with fresh water. Then mix it with four times of milk and leave it for the whole night. Next in morning makes a paste of Vigna mungo by mixing Cow’s milk and Cow’s ghee. Then cook the mixture in fire. After cooking, take 100 gram such mixer daily with palm sugar.
Ø (Source, Vajikaranadhikar Ch. 74. Sloka 32)

Recipe No. 3
     It having two verities or two ways to prepare.
Take two testis of goat and boil it in water then squeeze the testis and remove the watery part as far as possible. Mix these two testes with cow’s ghee and fry in a pan until they became reddish.  Mix rock salt and pippali powder with these and consume fresh.
Ø (Source, Vajikaranadhikar Ch. 74. Sloka 24-25)

    Here the two testis of the goat are cooked with eight times of cow’s milk and 16th times of water. Here when the water evaporates completely, and only milk remains then separate the testis from the milk with a piece of fresh cloth. On the next step simply mix 46 gram Krishna Till  and make a paste. Consume it fresh regularly. 
Ø (Source, Vajikaranadhikar Ch. 74. Sloka 24-25)

Recipe No Four
Amlaswaras Bhavit Amla Choorna
   Take few Amalaki and dry it on the sun. Then make a powder of it. Then put that in a pan mix with Amalaki Juice and let dry in sunlight. Repeat the process seven times. Then put the powder in a jar (made of glass) in an airtight condition. Consume 3 gram of this powder with palm sugar powder, honey, and cow’s milk. It should be taken in the morning and evening.
Ø (Source, Vajikaranadhikar Ch.74. Sloka 27)

Recipe No. 5
Mashadhidal Ksirapaak
    Take some Vigna mungo and make powder with a grinder. Then mix it with cow’s milk. Then mix cow’s milk in that and start cooking on fire. Keep the heat steady unless a sweetmeat like mix comes out. Then consumers that fresh daily with sugar crystals.
Ø (Source; Vajikaranadhikar Ch. 74. Sloka 17)

   There are many such recipes described by all Acharyas in their respective classics. Here only five are mentioned as anyone at home can prepare these. For getting a pleasant surprise in your sexual life, you need to continue it for 8/10 weeks regularly. The side effects of Viagra's can be avoided with such home recipes.

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