Madhusnuhi Rasayan; Ingredients; Indications; Dosages

Formulation Source

·        Shastra Yogam (A Keralin Text On Ayurveda)
·        Lehaprakarana 41

Mainly Indicated

·        Rashavaha Srota Dusti


·        Sunthi
·        Maricha
·        Pippali
·        Haritaki
·        Bhivitak
·        Amalakai
·        Tvak
·        Ea
·        Patra
·        Jatiphala
·        JAtipatri
·        Dhanyaka
·        Sveta Jeerak
·        Krishan Jeerak
·        VAnya Jeerak
·        Vidanga
·        Chavya
·        Kustha
·        Trivrit
·        Grathika
·        Vajigandhika
·        Tejobati
·        Keshara
·        Suddha Gandhak
·        MAkshika
·        Guggulu
·        Madhusnuhi,
·        Ghee
·        Sugar
·        Madhu                      


·        Useful in the treatment of diabetic carbuncle
·        Useful in treatment of tumor
·        Useful in the treatment of cervical nodes enlargements
·        Useful in treatment of fistula
·        Useful in the treatment of Perennial abscess   
·        Useful in the treatment of Gout 
·        Useful in the treatment of Skin diseases


·        5-12 grams daily with half glass of water or milk just after food.  (Doses may differ with your physicians advice)


         Almost a safe herbal preparation but few precaution  is better take as very less studies till now conducted on this preparations like,
·        It should not be continued for a long time (as directed by physician)
·        Avoid in Pregnancy.
·        Avoid during lactation.
·        Avoid during pre-operative or post-operative stages.
·        Avoid in any case of reaction/acidity noted after use.


          All the leading Ayurvedic drug-manufacturing companies are making it. It comes in generally glass/plastic bottle.

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