Miswak(Chewing Sticks), a natural toothbrush: Benifits of Miswak, Uses and Medical properties.

     Ayurveda, the nature’s gift to humans. It serving the humankind from its first steps towards civilization. Whatever we are using today is nothing but the similar thing that was used by our ancestors. For us these  things may be new but in historical point of view these all the chronological development of everything. So come to the point, today we are using toothbrushes of different quality but ancient times our ancestors used to brush with certain brunches of trees. Miswak is one of them. It having many benefits without side effects like toothpastes.

Scientific Name

  • Salvadora persica

Interesting Facts:

  1. It is believed that Miswak can cure all disease except death.
  2. It makes the angels happy.
  3. It is widely used by the Muslim community.
  4. It is believe that regular use of Miswak helps the soul to leave this body smoothly.
  5. The bark contains an antibiotic, which suppresses the growth of bacteria in the oral cavity.
  6. It is believe that regular use of Miswak satisfies the wishes of heart and keeps out heart healthy.
  7. It is believe that Miswak helps in fulfilment of wishes.
  8. It is used in most of the herbal toothpaste’s TV adds.
  9. Almost all herbal toothpaste or powder consist Miswak.
  10. It fights against plaque formation.
  11. It removes bad breath and odour from mouth.
  12. It is use after ‘Sunnath’ or ‘Circumsection’ in Muslim community.
  13. Many people believe that the use of Miswak keeps the devils away from us.
  14. Miswak is an Arabic word means tooth-cleaning stick

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Medicinal Properties & Uses.

  1. Silicon, Vitamin C, Salvadorine, Trimethylamine, Fluorine are the natural ingredients found in Miswak.
  2. It refreshes the mouth and makes mouth fresh.
  3. It makes the teeth healthy and shiny.
  4. It makes strengthen the tooth enamel.
  5. It improves the eyesight and in children, it is very useful.
  6. It makes gums fit and strong.
  7. Miswak reduces the stains from tobacco products, coffee, tea, Iron, Betel Nuts.
  8. It plays great rule in the relaxing mind.
  9. It helps in digestion.
  10. Potassium, Sodium, Chloride, Sodium, Bicarbonate, and Calcium oxides are the ingredients found the roots of Miswak.
  11. It is use for the treatment of mucus mix stool.
  12. It improves the memory and helpful in memory loss.
  13. It is use in the treatment of headache.
  14. It is use in the treatment of hair fall.
  15. It reduces the tooth decay.
  16. It consists of many antioxidants, which help, in the delaying of aging.
  17. It also plays a great role in the management of pigmentation disorders.
  18. Helps in the prevention Xerostomia (Dryness of mouth)

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  • All most all-herbal toothpaste consists of Miswak extract. The branches of Miswak tree are usually available in hygienic pack.

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