Medicinal Properties & Uses Of Tejobati/Toothache tree (Zanthoxylun armatum)

     Tejobati is a herb found exclusively in Indian subcontinent and it having some wonderful curing effects. It has some exceptional benefits so let us explore those.

Scientific Name 
Ø Zanthoxylun armatum
Other Name 
Ø Tejobati, Tejoijivha, Tumbaru, Sourav, Banaja, Tejbal, Tumbul, Nepali Dhaniya, Kababa dahan kushada,

Used Part
Ø Bark
Ø Fruit
Chemical Composition
Ø  Berberin
Ø  Dictamnine
Ø  Magnofluorine
Ø  Xanthoplanine
Ø  Skimmianine
Ø  Linalool
       Some aromatic oil extracted from it.
Interesting Facts
Ø  It is oil extract used for toothache as local application
Ø  It is small bush type tree
Ø  It is found in the Himalayan range
Ø  It is also found in approx. 2000 to 6000 ft. above the sea level
Ø  It having some other verities found exclusively in South India and Assam, named as “Chirphal” {zanthoxylun limonella (Dennst)}
Ø  The fruits come out in the winter
Ø  The whole plant smells good
Medicinal Properties & Uses
Ø  It is having antibacterial effects
Ø  It reduces the pus formation
Ø  It is reduces cough
Ø  It is an active stimulant
Ø  It is very much effective in toothache (as local application)
Ø  It improves appetite
Ø  It stimulates the digestion
Ø  It stimulates the live enzymes
Ø  It is very good for treatment of worms 
Ø  It stimulates the heart’s activity
Ø  It is very good diuretic
Ø  It is good for skin disorders
Ø  It is used in Fever
Ø  It is good for diabetes 
Ø  It is used in headache 
Ø  It is used in Mouth ulcers
Ø  It is useful in Piles
Ø  It is useful in heart diseases
Ø  It is useful in Hepatomegaly
Ø  It is used in breathing difficulty
Ø  It is used in burning urination
Ø  It is used in rheumatoid arthritis
Ø  It is used in paralysis
Ø  It is used in hemiparesis
Ø  It is used in facial paralysis
Ø  It is a useful ingredient in herbal toothpaste
Ø  It is useful in making homemade mouthwash
Ø Tejobatyadhya Grita
Ø Tumbabardhi Churna
Extract Available in Toothpaste like
·        Vico Toothpaste
·        Herbodent Toothpaste
·        Ayurdent Toothpaste
·        Gumtone Toothpaste

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