Medicinal Properties & Uses Vrikshamla (Garcina indica)

      We are surrounded by many curing herbs, which are helping us in surviving even in this deadly world. In Ayurveda many Vrikshamla is mentioned in making of many formulations. Though it can be as a single herb.

Scientific Name
Ø Garcina indica

Local Names
Ø Kokom, Ratambha, Amsoal, Murgal, Punampuli. 

Useful Parts
Ø  Extracted Oil
Ø  Bark Of The Roots
Ø  Fruits
Interesting Facts
Ø It is ever green tree
Ø It is thin and soft in nature
Ø Both male and female flower can be seen in the same tree
Ø Flowers can be seen during the February and January
Ø In May or April fruits comes out ripen.
Ø Dry seeds of the plant are sold in the market as Kukam.
Ø Mostly found in Indian Subcontinent and preferably in south India and western coastal regions.
Ø Kukam butter is produce from it.
Ø It’s seeds contains 25-30% oil
Medicinal Properties & Uses
Ø Useful in minor cuts
Ø Useful as appetizer
Ø Useful as Carminative
Ø Useful in the treatment of Obesity 
Ø Useful in Thirst
Ø Useful in the treatment of Dysentery
Ø Useful in the treatment of Piles
Ø Useful in the treatment  of Anorexia
Ø Useful in the treatment  of Abdominal Tumour
Ø Useful in the treatment of fever
Ø Useful in the treatment of skin diseases
Ø Useful in the treatment  of Tuberculosis
Ø  Cap. Vrikshamla (Himalaya)


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