Ayurvedic & Herbal Remedies Of Hamstring Strain

Hamstring Strain, is one of the most common injuries in the playing ground. In almost all the outdoor games, it is a common issue for the player's worldwide. Many players have to pass many days in the dressing room by watching others.
For the fastest relief, almost all the Players go for allopathic medicines, which give quick relief but having so much more side effects. Here I am giving some handful homely and herbal solution for all those brave players.
Hamstring Strain
Ok, first we should know what is Hamstring. It is a nothing but the bundle of three long muscles (Semitendinosus, Semimembranosus, and biceps femoris) they connect the thing with the hip with few tendons. These muscles are very much important as they help in knee flexion and hip extension.
What is Hamstring Strain?  When these muscles stretches more and crosses the optimal level of stretching then, some fibers of the muscles might even start to tear. Such condition the patient suffered pain in the thigh and didn’t bale to walk properly. Altogether the condition called as Hamstring Strain. 
Ø  Over Stretching
Ø  Excessive humidity & high temperature
Ø  Lots of sweating
Ø  Long standing performance
Ø  Excessive fluid loss
Ø  Long running
Ø  Sudden fall causing over stretching.
Ø  Staring exercise or playing without warm up.
Ø  Sudden sever pain on back of the thigh
Ø  Pain in lower buttock
Ø  Popping feeling
Ø  Difficulty in walking
Ø  Brushing
Ø  Difficulty with normal activities
Ø  Questioning is the best way to know about the nature of the injury. In case of fall, some X-rays can be done otherwise nothing necessary.
Ø  MRI can tell they type of injury but not commonly done. 
Life Style Change
Ø Muscles can repair the tears if get enough time to rest. So absolute rest is necessary.
Ø Restricted movement of the particular limb for few times is necessary. 
Ø Do not try pulling any kind of weight during this time.
Ø Give some ice pack on the affected area.
Ø Use some stretching and strengthening techniques after the reliving the pain.
Effective Oral Drugs
Ø  Tab. Maha Yogaraj Guggulu (Classical)
Ø  Tab. Yogaraj Guggulu (Classical) 
Ø  Tab. Rumalaya (Himalaya)
Ø  Tab. Rumalaya Forte (Himalaya)
Ø  Tab. Singhanad Guggulu (Classical)
Ø  Tab. Swarna Guggulu (Classical)
Ø  Tab Arow (Vasu) 
Ø  Tab. Rheumogo (Herbotech) 
Ø  Tab. R.Pairyn (Ban) 
Ø  Tab. Ashtavargam Kwatham (Kottakal)
Ø  Tab. Auroyog (Arya Aushadhi)
Ø  Tab. Actiflex (Anuja) 
Ø  Tab. Orthonervin (Pankaj Kasturi)
Ø  Tab. Ortiset (Green Milk)
Ø  Tab. R Compound (Alasin)
Ø  Tab. Arthrella (Charak)
Ø  Tab. Arthodol (Dr. Palep's)
Ø  Tab. Arthronav (Abhinav) 
Ø  Cap. Fitjo (Agrigold)
Ø  Cap. Gug-Sall (Ajmera)
Ø  Cap. Flex-imac (Adfac Labs)
Ø  Cap. Flexibility (Organic India)
Ø  Cap. Ksherabla (Swadeshi)
Ø  Cap. Ostranil (Salveo)
Ø  Cap. Penwel (Ayulabs)
Ø  Cap. R Meg (Megha)
Ø  Cap. Remorin (J&J)
Ø  Cap. Rheumacure (Uap Pharma)
Ø  Cap. Rheumallin-S (Ajmera)
Ø  Cap. Rheumallin-S Gold (Ajmera)
Ø  Cap. Antanil (IMIS)
Ø  Cap. Arjit Forte (Carpo)
Ø  Cap. Amavatari (Pavaman)
Ø  Cap. Antrath (Millennium)
Ø  Cap. Arnopen (Phyto Pharma)
Ø  Cap. Arthocare (Airier)
Ø  Cap. Arthozen Forte (Zen)
Ø  Cap. Artiban Forte (Santhigiri) 
Ø  Syp. Auroyog (Arya Aushadhi) 
Ø  Syp. Maha Rasnadhi Kwath (Classical)
Local Applications 
(Medicated Liniments & Ointments.)
Ø  Mahanarayan Tail (Classical)
Ø  Maha Vishgarbha Oil  (Classical) 
Ø  Cervinol (Avn)
Ø  Ostranil Gel (Selvo)
Ø  Alopagesic Liniment (Alopa)
Ø  Artho Oil (Zen)
Ø  Arthronav Liniment (Abhinav)
Ø  Rumalaya liniment (Himalaya)
Ø  Rheumat 90 Liq (Nagarjuna)
Ø  Arthrella Oint. (Charak)
Ø  Arnopen (Phyto Pharma)
Ø  Artec Cream (Ayurchem)
Ø  Arthronav Ointment (Abhinav) 
Ø  Rumalar Oint (Vita Health)
Ø  Arjit Liniment (Capro)
Ø  Arlin (Retort)
Ø  Arthrum Oil (Vital Care)
Ø  Artisol (Varun)
Ø  Auroyoga Liniment (Arya Aushadhi)
Ø  Bestlin (Chirayu)

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