Karpura Rasa; Ingredients, Indications, Dosages, Contraindication, Presentation

Formulation Source:

  • Bhaishyaja Ratnavali
  • Atisharogadhikar ( For the management of chronic dysentery)
  • Verse 125


  1. Ahiphen
  2. Mustaka
  3. Hingul
  4. Indrayab
  5. Jathiphal
  6. Karpura


  1. Useful in the treatment of chronic dysentery
  2. Useful in the treatment of Blood Dysentery
  3. Useful in the treatment of indigestion
  4. Useful in the treatment mucus mix watery stool


  • 125 mg to 250 mg twice daily with honey
  • It works better with Mustak kasaya


  1. Almost a safe herbal preparation but few precaution  is better take as very less studies till now conducted on this preparations like,
  2. Avoid in any case of reaction noted after use.
  3. Avoid before and after any major abdominal surgeries.
  4. Avoid in pregnancy and lactation period.


  • Almost all the leading Ayurvedic drug manufacturing company making it. It comes in generally glass/plastic bottle.


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