Sadbindu Tail; Ingredients, Indications, Dosages

Formulation Source
  • Bhaishyaja Ratnavali
  • Sirorogadhikar (Management Of The Diseases Of Head )
·         Sesame Oil   
·         Aja paya
·         Bhargi
·         Eranda Oil (Custer Oil)
·         Tagar
·         Satavha
·         Jivanti
·         Rasna
·         Saindhava
·         Vidanga
·         Madhuyasthi  
·         Sunthi
  • Useful in the treatment of headache.
  • Useful in sinusitis.
  • Useful in migraine.
  • Useful in dental ache.
  • Useful in eye disorder.
  • Useful in sudden loss of hairs.
  • Useful in alopecia.
  • Used externally in sinusitis. 6 drops of oil in each nostril twice daily.
  • Used for gurgling in toothache
  • Used for massage in forehead in headache
  • Used for Siroabhyanga.
         Almost a safe herbal preparation but few precaution  is better take as very less studies till now conducted on this preparations like,
·        It should not be continued for a long time (as directed by physician)
·        Avoid in Pregnancy.
·        Avoid during lactation.
·        Avoid during pre-operative or post-operative stages.
·        Avoid in any case of any kind of unwanted symptom after use. 

          Almost all the leading Ayurvedic drug manufacturing company making it. It comes in generally glass/plastic bottle. A sterilized dropper is included with in it.


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