Sankha Vati; Ingredients, Indications, Dosage

Formulation Source
·        Bhaishyaja Ratnavali
·        Agnimandhyadhikar (Management of digestive disturbance)
·        Sloka no. 182
·        Cincaksara
·        Patuvraja
·        Lemon Juice
·        Sankha Bhasma
·        Hingu
·        Sunthi
·        Marich
·        Pippali
·        Guduchi
·        Vali        
·        Useful in the treatment of Pain abdomen
·        Useful in the treatment of peptic ulcer syndrome
·        Useful in the management of loss of appetite.
·        Useful in the treatment of dysentery
·        Useful in acidity
·        Useful in the management of Gastritis 
·        250 mg to 500 mg in divided doses daily with Butter/Butter Milk/ Warm Water  (Doses may differ with your physicians advice) 
Adverse Effect  
·        No known major adverse effects 
          Almost a safe herbal preparation but few precaution  is better take as very less studies till now conducted on this preparations like,
·        Avoid in Pregnancy.
·        Avoid during lactation.
·        Avoid during pre-operative or post-operative stages.
·        Avoid in any case of reaction/acidity noted after use. 
Drug Interaction
·        No known significant drug interaction.  
·        All the leading Ayurvedic drug-manufacturing companies are making it.
·        It comes in generally glass/plastic bottle 


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