8 Deadly Ingredients Of Your Shaving Cream.

    Shaving is a major concern for all those hard working man, working in corporates or government organizations, where glooming is a big issue in business. But for that reason they need to go for regular shaving. Many of them don’t know what they are actually using for shaving in the name of shaving creams.  Here we will give a look to those deadly ingredients that makes our shaving cream  a deadly thing for us. So here they are

Propolene Glycol:

  • An alcohol based formulation used in Laundry products.
  • It is also used in tobacco processing and antifreeze material production.
  • It is a skin irritant and causes redness and itching.
  • It causes allergic reaction in the mucosa
  • For Eyes it sever irritant and may causes redness (conjunctivitis) of the eyes including sever tearing.


  • Is drug that is used for making of pain killer balms.
  • It is clearly mentioned that it should not come in contact with our mouth or eyes or any mucous membrane but unfortunately we use it in our face while shaving.
  • It is known as Trolamine salicylate in the gel or ointment used for pain management.
  • It is very much controversial ingredient as it having some cancerous tendency.

Sodium Lauryl Sulphate:

  • Sodium lauryl sulphate a very controversial ingredient as it is found very much harmful to skin. It is the main thing that creates lather foam while using shaving cream. 
  • It is a cancerous ingredient.
  • It is used in making of detergents.


  • It is an antibacterial agent but better to call it a pesticide. Many of the cosmetic products having this composition but most of them are harmful. widely used in detergents and soaps. It is also common in deodorants.
  • It is harmful for the people having thyroid disorders. It decreases the thyroid concentration.
  • It is also very life threatening agent of the animals living in the rivers or water sources. All our daily materials contains these which some how reaches the water reserves.
  • It deposits in the fatty tissues and some how reaches to the umbilical cord which is a major concern for the fetal abnormality.
  • It is also carcinogenic.


  • It is used as moisturizer and it is a mild skin irritant. Which may be a serious irritant in few causes.
  • Burning sensation, redness and itching may occur in regular use.  

Polyoxyethylene Sorbitan Monostearate:

  • One of the most commonest agent to cause cancer.
  • It is a synthetic compound and very much harmful to us.

Stearic Acid:

  • It is found in many of our foods that we take regularly.
  • It is also used in making of candles, pastels etc.
  • Study shows regular excess use may be carcinogenic.

Dimethyl Phthalate (DMP),  Di-n-Fragrances:

  • It is nothing but the fragrances.
  • It is carcinogenic.

Homely Way Of Making Shaving Cream: 

  • Milk Cream (Malai) with some Tulsi Juice is very effective for these purpose.
  • Coconut oil, mix with tea oil and Milk Cream is very effective.
  • By mixing Tea Oil, Olive Oil & Shea butter  we can make some kind of shaving cream at home. 


  After conducting some kind of survey regarding the uses of cancerous ingredients in cosmetic items it shown an alarming issue for our upcoming future. It is better to use herbal products and ingredients for this purpose. Herbal products are safe, easy to make, saves some money and mainly good for health and skin.

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