Medicinal Properties Of Atasi

Scientific name
Linum usitatissimum
Local Name
Atasi, Neelpuspi, Khuma, Tisi, Alsi, Mashina, Jabsu, Alisilidirai, Kattan, Jagira, Linseed, Klax.
Ayurvedic Aspect
Ø  Guna;
·         Guru, Snigdha, Piccila
Ø  Rasa;
·          Madhur, Tikta
Ø  Vipak;
·         Katu
Ø  Virya;
·         Ushan
Ø  Vata Shamak
Ø  Pitta Bardhak
Ø  Kapha bardhak
Used Parts
Ø  Seeds, Oil, Flowers are used as medicine.
Ø  Used as churna (3-6 grm daily), Oil (5-10 ml)
Interesting Facts
Ø  It grows up from 2-4 feet.
Ø  It having a life span of one year.
Ø  Flower and fruits comes in the winter.
Ø  Often used for gardening.
Ø  Gangetic and Peninsular are the two types of Linseed.
Ø  Seeds contain 35-45% oil.
Ø  Linamarine is a poisonous alkaloid found in the roots, flowers, and leaves.
Ø  The plant is a source of many vital minerals.
Medicinal Properties & Uses
Ø  It is very much useful in the treatment of Vata Rogas.
Ø  It is very much useful in the treatment of Pain Managements.
Ø  It is very much useful in the treatment of UTI.
Ø  It is very much useful in the treatment of Heart diseases.
Ø  It is a potent diuretic.
Ø  It increases the sexual stimulation.
Ø  It is useful; for the treatment of ulcers.
Ø  It is very much useful in the treatment of lungs disorders.
Ø  It is very much useful in the treatment of Parshasula.
Ø  It is useful in general weakness.
Ø  It is useful in dysentery.
Ø  It is beneficial in chronic dysentery.
Ø  It is useful in Piles
Ø  It is useful in Cystitis.
Ø  It is useful in anorexia.
Ø  It is beneficial in cough.
Ø  It is useful in breathing difficulty.
Ø  Avoid during pregnancy

Ø  However, it increases the libido but it decreases the production of sperm so the people suffering from oligospermia should avoid this. 


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