Medicinal Properties Of Kampillaka

Scientific Name
Mallotus philippinensis
Local Names
Karkash, Raktanga,Rechan, Kabilla, Kamalaguddi, KApilla, Shendri, Kunggumam, Kumkum, Kumkumu,Kukumadamar, Kapilo, kurmandkku, Lokhan, Kambali, Kamala tree. 
Ayurvedic Aspects
In Ayurveda it is described under one among eight sadharana rasa. It is Kapha and Vata Shamak.
Ø  Guna
·         Laghu, Ruksha, Tikshna
Ø  Rasa
·         Katu
Ø  Virya
·         Ushna
Ø  Vipak
·         Katu
Ø 1-3 grams (It can be used indifferent from like tablets, Churna, Syp. etc)
Interesting Facts
Ø  It is an evergreen tree.
Ø  It grows up to 20-30 feet's.
Ø  It is use in making natural colors, dye etc.
Ø  It is widely used in making cosmetic items.
Ø  Phalaraja is used for this purpose. 
Ø  Rottlerin, Isorottlerin are the main components.
Ø  In classics, this plant is used in almost 44 no of herbo mineral preparations.
Medicinal Use
Ø  In the classics, it is indicated for more than 20 diseases.
Ø  It is useful in the treatment of leprosy
Ø  It is useful in the treatment of blood disorders and act as blood purifier.
Ø  It is useful in the treatment of intestinal worms 
Ø  It is useful in the treatment of renal stones 
Ø  It is useful in the treatment of abdominal lumps.
Ø  It is useful in the treatment of minor cuts and skin infections.
Ø  It is useful in the treatment of healing ulcers.
Ø  It is can be use as antifungal agent.
Ø  It used as antiseptic agent. 
Ø  An excellent herb can use as contraceptive.
Ø  Avoid in pregnancy period.
Ø  Avoid before and after major surgeries.
Ø  Avoid over dosing.
Ø Krimighatini Vati (Classical)
Ø Tab. Krumina (Saranghadhar Pharma)


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