Ruby (Manikya): Synonyms, Chemical Composition, Type, Indication, Dosages, Contraindications, Preparations.

    We all are well known to the Gem Ruby. Though in astrology it plays a great role but In ayurveda it is used as an essential drug for the treatment of many diseases. How far it is used after proper purification so that our body can absorb it easily.
  • Padamaraga
  • Ravipriya
  • Ratnarat
  • Shringara
  • Sugandhika
  • Singhal (Sri Lanka)
  • India
  • Thailand
  • Australia
  • United States Of America 
Chemical Composition
Basically it collected from the mines. It look likes lotus or hibiscus flower.It is a compound named Aluminum oxide AL2O3.
Astrological Uses
  • It is used with Gold or Silver as a finger ring in the ……finger.
  • It is used for the Planet Sun.
Type Of Aluminum oxide
  1. Padmaraga
  2. Nilagandhi
It is Reddish in colour and look likes louts. It is generally transparent, smooth and clear.
It is Bluish in colour with transparent, clear & smoother look.
  • It is a useful Rasayan, which increases the quality of health.
  • Useful in Indigestion
  • It reduces the aging process and thus works great in Geriatric disorders.
  • It works great as appetizer.
  • It is good for qualitative and quantitative incensement of semen.
  • It is a Memory booster and useful in Loss Of Memory.
  • It reduces the bodily toxins and enhances the quality of life.
  • It is Vata-Pitta shamak.
  • 30 to 60 mg in single or divided dosages.
  1. Avoid in pregnancy (As still more studies required to suggest)
  2. Avoid in lactation (As still more studies required to suggest)
  3. Avoid before or after major surgery
  4. Avoid in case of any unwanted reaction (though no known reaction even after thousand years of practice)
In the market it comes as a vital ingredients of the following Herbo-Mineral preparations.
  1. Brahami Vati
  2. Navaratna Rajamriganka Rasa

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