Sutashekhara Rasa; Ingredients, Indications, Dosages,Contraindications,

Formulation Source:

  • Yogaratnakar


  1. Suddha Parad
  2. Suddha Gandhak
  3. Subharna Bhasma
  4. Tamra Bhasma
  5. Sankha Bhasma
  6. Tankan Bhasma
  7. Vatsanabh
  8. Dhatura
  9. Trikatu Churna
  10. Chaturjatak Churna
  11. Bilvaphala Majja
  12. Kachchura Churna.


  1. Indicated for Cough.
  2. Indicated for Breathing Difficulty
  3. Indicated for Hiccup.
  4. Indicated in all kind of fevers.
  5. Indicated for Hyper Acidity .
  6. Good for Pain Abdomen.
  7. Good For Spleen Enlargement.
  8. Beneficial for Rajayakshma.


  • 1-2 pills twice daily with Ghee or Honey.


  1. It is almost a safe herbo-mineral preparation.
  2. It should be avoided before or after any major surgery.
  3. It should be avoided in any kind of reaction or allergy.
  4. It should be avoided in pregnancy.
  5. It should be avoided in Lactation 


Almost all the Herbal Drug manufacturers are making it with all necessary purification methods. In the market, it is available in form of pills or tablets (100 mg) and it comes in glass or plastic container. 


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