Medicinal Properties Of Trivrit

Scientific Name
Operculina turpethum
Local Name
Trivrit, Tribhandi, Triputa, Sarala, Subaha, Rechani, Nisoth, Pitohari, Teouri, Nishuttar, Chaibatee, Nasotaar, Shivode, Bilitigade, Chibak, Dudholoma, Tuburdh, Trupeth, Indian jalap.
Ayurvedic Concept
Ø Guna
·        Laghu, Ruksha, Tikshan,
Ø Rasa
·        Tikta, Katu
Ø Vipak
·        Katu
Ø Virya
·        Ushna
Ø  Pitta Samshodhanak
Ø  Kapha Samshodhanak
Ø  Vedhaniya
Used Parts
Ø  Bark of the roots (1-3 grams daily)
Interesting Facts
Ø  It is a creeper and lives many years.
Ø  There are two types of Trivrit found all over India. They are classified according to the colours. However, they having some special characteristic based on their effects on the body.
Ø  In Ayurveda Trivrit described as “Sukha Virechak” or we can say gentle laxative.
Ø  It grows even in the heights of 3000 feet's.
Ø  It contains a glycoside name Turpethin (which is responsible of the laxative effect of the plant)
Medicinal Properties & Uses
Ø  It is best for localized or generalized oedema.
Ø  It is help full in the treatment of fever.
Ø  It is good for the treatment of anorexia.
Ø  It is good for the treatment of constipation.
Ø  It is good for the treatment of abdominal discomfort.
Ø  It is good for the treatment of Gout
Ø  It is good for the rheumatism.
Ø  It is good for the treatment of Obesity.
Ø  It is good for cough.
Ø  It is good for breathing difficulty.
Ø  It is good for piles.
Ø  It is good for fistula
Ø  No know contraindications 
Ø Trivritadhi Churna.
Ø Trivritadhi Kwath.
Ø Triovritadhi Ghrita.
Ø Trivritadhi Vati.


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