Medicinal Properties Of Trivrit

Scientific Name:

  • Operculina turpethum

Local Name:

  • Trivrit, Tribhandi, Triputa, Sarala, Subaha, Rechani, Nisoth, Pitohari, Teouri, Nishuttar, Chaibatee, Nasotaar, Shivode, Bilitigade, Chibak, Dudholoma, Tuburdh, Trupeth, Indian jalap.

Ayurvedic Concept

  • Guna: Laghu, Ruksha, Tikshan,
  • Rasa: Tikta, Katu
  • Vipak: Katu
  • Virya: Ushna
  • Pitta Samshodhanak 
  • Kapha Samshodhanak 
  • Vedhaniya

Used Parts

  • Bark of the roots (1-3 grams daily)

Interesting Facts:

  • It is a creeper and lives many years.
  • There are two types of Trivrit found all over India. They are classified according to the colours. However, they having some special characteristic based on their effects on the body.
  • In Ayurveda Trivrit described as “Sukha Virechak” or we can say gentle laxative. 
  • It grows even in the heights of 3000 feet's.
  • It contains a glycoside name Turpethin (which is responsible of the laxative effect of the plant)

Medicinal Properties & Uses:

  • It is best for localized or generalized oedema.
  • It is help full in the treatment of fever.
  • It is good for the treatment of anorexia.
  • It is good for the treatment of constipation.
  • It is good for the treatment of abdominal discomfort.
  • It is good for the treatment of Gout.
  • It is good for the rheumatism.
  • It is good for the treatment of Obesity.
  • It is good for cough.
  • It is good for breathing difficulty. 
  • It is good for piles.
  • It is good for fistula


  • No know contraindications 


  • Trivritadhi Churna.
  • Trivritadhi Kwath.
  • Triovritadhi Ghrita.
  • Trivritadhi Vati.

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