Vrihat Vatachintamani Rasa; Ingredients, Indications, Dosages,


  1. Bhaishyaja Ratnabali
  2. Vatavyadhi Adhiar
  3. Verse 145-148


  1. Gold ashes (Bhasma)
  2. Rajat Ashes (Bhasma)
  3. Abhrak Ashes (Bhasma)
  4. Louha Ashes (Bhasma)
  5. Praval Ashes (Bhasma)
  6. Mouktika Ashes (Bhasma)
  7. Rasasindur


Specially indicated for Akshepaka Vata and Apatantrak Vata.
  1. In Hypertension
  2. In Pain due to dysfunction of nerves
  3. In joint pains.
  4. In paralysis
  5. In Paraplegia
  6. In Quadriplegia
  7. In  Hemiparesis
  8. Act as a Rasayan
  9. Act as a wounder Vajikaran (Aphrodisiac).


  • 1-2 pills/tablets twice daily with Ghee/Honey.


  1. It should be avoided in pregnancy
  2. It should be avoided in Lactation
  3. It should be avoided before or after any major surgery.
  4. It should be avoided in any kind of reaction or allergy.
  5. It should be avoided in Piitaja Diseases.


Almost all the Herbal Drug manufacturers are making it with all necessary purification methods. In the market, it is available in form of pills or tablets (125 mg) and it comes in glass or plastic container.

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