Haleezy Liquid & Tablets ; Overview

Ø  Lung Tonic (Used In Cough & Asthma Management)
Ø  Charak Pharmaceuticals
Ø  Navsar (Ammonium chloride)
Ø  Vishnupriya or Tulsi (Ocimum sanctum Syn. O.tenuiflorum)
Ø  Vasaka (Adhatoda vasica Syn. A.zeylanica)
Ø  Yashti-madhu (Glycyrrhiza glabra)
Ø  Bhibhitak
Ø  Trikatu (Sunthi+Marich+Pippali)
Ø  Kantakari (Solanum xanthocarpum Syn. S.surattense)
Ø  Haldi (Curcuma longa)
Ø  Mostly indicated in Asthma
Ø  Exceptionally effective bronchitis  
Ø  Effective in cough (URTI & LRTI)
Ø  Effective in singer’s cough
Ø  Effective in Allergic cough
Ø  Effective in dry cough
Ø  Good for productive cough
Ø  Effective in sore throat
Ø  Effective in laryngitis
Ø  Effective in smoker’s cough
Ø  A very good lung tonic for people having recurrent RTI.
Ø  Good in Pulmonary Tuberculosis as lung supportive. 
Ø  Very useful in Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
Ø  It reduces the episode of attacks of asthma. 
Benefits Of Using Haleezy
Like all other herbal  cough preparation it also having multi benefits.
Ø  No sedation or no drowsy feeling.
Ø  No addiction tendency on prolongs use.
Ø  Safe for children.
Ø  Safe in pregnancy
Ø  Presence of Tulsi, Vasak Kantakari etc adds some extra immune defense which is a vital point to be remember. Regular use strengths the lung, immunity and thus reduces the chances of getting infected in quick sessions. Simply it reduces the episodes of attack dramatically.
Syp. Haleezy
Ø  Children 1tsf twice/thrice daily
Ø  Adults 2 tsf thrice daily
Tab. Haleezy
Ø  1-2 tab twice daily.
Ø  Effects great when given with Guduchi Satva and Chitrak Hartaki Avaleha.
Ø  Shows great effect with Sitophaladhi Churna and Talishyadhi churna.
Ø  Acts nicely when given with Tab/Syp. Septilin or Tab/Syp. Extraimmune or Cap. Sepno 
Contraindication & Things To Avoid
A very safe herbal preparation for all ages. But avoid in the following cases,
Ø  In diabetes (As it is sugar based)
Ø  Avoid smoking.
Ø  Avoid vigorous exercise.
Ø  Avoid day sleeping. 
Ø  Avoid exposure to rain, humidity.
Ø  Avoid dust and pollens.
Ø  Avoid consuming bananas, citrus fruits.
Ø  Avoid ice-cream, cold drinks and fried foods.
Available in two varieties
Ø Syp. Haleezy (Sugar Based) 200ml pack in plastic bottle.
Ø Tab. Haleezy (In blister packs)

You May Like To Know About Few More Products From The Same Manufacture 
2.    Livomyn an excellent cost effective liver tonic.

Before starting your medication consult with your doctor. Never try self medication at home.


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