Ojus: Ingredients, Indications, Dosages

·        Digestive Enzyme
·        Charak Pharma Pvt. Ltd.
·        Louha Bhasma (Iron Ashes)
·        Vitis Vinifera
·        Embilica officinalis
·        Withania somnifera
·        Eclipta alba
·        Terminalia chebula
·        Ipomoea digitata
·        Cuminum cyminum
·        Zingiber officinale
·        Piper longum 
·        Plumbago zeylanica
·        Carum copticum
·        Glycyrrhiza glabra
·        Cinnamiomum iners
·        Cinnamiomum cassia
·        Eletaria cardamomum
·        Caryophyllus aromaticus
Extremely beneficial digestive.
·        Hyperacidity.
·        APD (Acid Peptic Disorder).
·        Burning Chest.
·        Peptic Ulcer Syndrome.
·        Duodenal Ulcer.
·        It can be given in acidic irritation.
·        Indigestion 
·        Foul smelling of stool.
·        Constipation.  
·        Useful in the cases where people feels Burning sensation after passing stool.
·        It is also acts as appetizer.
·        It stimulates the digestive enzyme.
·        Shows super response in Bloating
·        Indicated in Dyspepsia
·        Effective in nausea or vomiting associated with digestive disorders.
·        Adults: 2 teaspoon full twice/thrice daily after meal.
·        Children: 1 tea spoon full twice daily. 
·        Works great when consumed with Sup. Himcocid (Himalayan Drug Company) in Hyperacidity cases.
·        Shows great result when given with combination of Syp. Amlycure DS (Aimil) in chorionic digestive disturbance. 
·        Pregnancy related GI complications. 
·        Almost zero side effects.
·        Good for long-term use.
·        No associated complications.
·        Costs very less and having wonderful result.
·        Gives nutrition to gut and increases the absorption.
·        Due to presence of louha bhasma it also increases little bit of haemoglobin level.
·        Safe in pregnancy. 
·        Having fine taste.
·        No complication like modern anti flatulent or antacids. 
It is a very safe herbal preparation with beneficial minerals. But in the following cases you should avoid it.
·        Diabetic Patients (Tablet form can be consumed).
·        If any reaction seen after use.
Avoid Junk food, Spicy dishes, Cold drinks, Soda containing foods & drinks, Smoking, Tobacco, Alcohol intake and beetle nut while using this medicine. 
·        It is available in liquid form of 200 ml in plastic bottle.
·        It is also available in Tablet form.

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