Herbal & Natural Remedies For Tinea Cruris (Dhobi’s itch)

It is a very common thing worldwide. We often have seen people itching through their pockets. It is very disgraceful and irritating in front of others. Here there are few herbal tips by which we can actually get rid of this.


It is caused by Epidermophyton type of fungi. However, there are some triggering factors like
  • Warm and humid tropical areas. 
  • Summer heat helps in growth of fungi’s. 
  •  Lack of hygiene. 
  •  Sharing of cloths. 
  • Laundry is a rich source of infection. 
  • Public sharing seats like (Theatres, Cinema halls. 
  • Railway Seats etc.) 
  • Spreads through sexual intercourse.


  • It is seen mostly in inner and upper side of thighs. 
  • It is seen effecting scrotum by heavy itching. 
  • Lesions can be seen in penis with patchy areas. 
  • Lesions can be seen in vulva, causing sever itching. 
  • Lesions can be seen in perineum, 
  • Lesions can be seen in buttocks and mostly with marked areas. 
  •  Heavy itching noted in all sites. 
  • Vesicles, Pustules can seen with in the periphery areas, which are mostly circular, shaped. 
  • Inflammation can observed after heavy itching occasionally. 
  •  Small scaling can seen in prolong untreated cases.  
  • Lesions are generally circular initially but well spreads if remains untreated for years. 
  • Some water discharge can be seen after heavy itching by suffers. 
  • Changes in colour of the affected area is a common thing.

Home Remedies 

  • Haldi juice locally effects good. 
  • Haldi with neem leaf juice locally acts fine. 
  • Apamarga with neem having very good result.

Things To Remember 

  • Never share your under garments or garments. 
  • Wash your garments regularly. 
  • Maintain personal hygiene. 
  • Think twice before sitting in public seats. 
  • If you are affected then start medication immediately. 


Oral Medicines 

  • Tab. Telket 
  • Tab. Purim 
  •  Cap. Pesin 
  • Cap. AD21 
  • Cap. Neemgaurd 
  • Cap. Neem 
  • Tab. Panchatiktaghrita Guggulu 
  • Khadirarista Liq. 
  • Mahamangisthadhi Kwath Liq. 
  • Purodil Liq.

Local Applications 

  • Chalmugra Oil. 
  • Tubarak Oil. 
  • Maha Marichyadhi Oil. 
  • Cutis Cream. 
  • Cutis Oil. 
  • Tocymum Oil. 
  • Trichoderm Ointment. 
  • Zen-Bath Bathing Powder. 
  • Medimix Soap. 
  • Maysore Sandal Soap. 
  • Psoralin Soap.
*** Before Starting Medication Consult With Your Physician. 

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