Foreign Body In Eye: Management, Types Of Injury

“Foreign body in eyes” is not a very uncommon thing in our life. However, most of the time we never take the proper steps. Most of the cases we are not well aware of the things that we should do immediately.
If you search in web, you will get hundreds of topics about this matter. However, here I want to tell you the exact things that you should follow as a protocol for the management of “Foreign body in eyes”. Whenever any foreign body enters in the eyes, they start damaging our eye. Depending upon the type of injury here, we will discuss this matter.


  1. Feeling something in the eye. 
  2. A sudden sharp pain. 
  3. Irritation in eyes. 
  4. Redness of eyes. 
  5. Watering. 
  6. Scratchy feeling on blinking. 
  7. Blurred vision. 
  8. Sensitivity to bright lights. 
  9. Loss of vision

Different Types Of Injuries:

Chemical Injury:

  1. Whenever any chemical (Acidic or Alkaline or Corrosive Substance) encounters with our eyes then they start damaging our eyes immediately. In such cases, we should do the followings. 
  2. Immediately start washing your eyes with saline water or plain fresh water. 
  3. Continue washing until irritation subsides. 
  4. Better to lie down in bed by keeping aside in such a way that your affected eye should be in upper position. Then start pouring fresh or saline water from outer angle of your eyes. Continue blinking so that water can clean the entire chemical. It will be better to put some cotton in the ear holes to avoid water entry on the ear canal. 
  5. After that visit to your doctor for further examination and medications. 
  6. Avoid driving if possible while reaching hospital or doctor’s clinic. 

Solid Foreign Body Injury:

  1. When any solid thing like metal, glass, and plastic particles inserts in the eye then the things goes little bit problematic. In such cases, if there is any involvement of chemical things then we should wash our eyes immediately but without blinking more. In such cases, more blinking means deeper injury. 
  2. So as soon as possible reach the nearest hospital and remember never drive with such injury. 

Insects Bites:

  1. Many of us might have experienced it. It happens unknowingly and more commonly while driving two-wheeler. Not all insects are same. As our tears are salty so all insects start reacting just after entering in our eyes. In such cases. 
  2. Blow fresh water or air in an eye or use a fresh cloth or cotton to remove the insect’s body (dead or alive). 
  3. Make sure if there is burning or not? Because burning means release of some chemicals in the eye by the insect. Therefore, first aid should be similar to the chemical injury cases. 
  4. In some cases, insects might bite you so in such cases you may need some antibacterial eye drops as follow up. 
Therefore, that is all about the foreign body in eyes. Never forget to take an experts view after doing home works. Because if you ignored those things that may cause some serious effects like, 
  1. Black spot vision. 
  2. Blur vision. 
  3. Pain and redness. 
  4. Conjunctivitis. 
  5. Corneal Ulcer followed by corneal opacity or permanent damage to the eye. 
God has donated only two pairs to us of eyes and those are one of the most valuable things to live a life in a true way. Always put spectacles while riding two wheeler or you are going outside.

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