Swine Flu: Basics, Causes, Symptoms, Fatal Signs, Preventive Measures, Home Remedies, Medicines

Are you searching for some preventive measures to skip swine flu infection? Then you are in a right place. Swine flu is nothing but a  seasonal virus that use to rock the world almost every year. Thousands of people use to die each year even before they diagnosed properly. Every year we waste more time in fighting to treat the swine flu cases rather than preventing it. Prevention is always easy, low costing, harmless and painless but we fail to provide the solid defense against this diseases. 
Being the son of nature, we all have a wonderful scope to cure ourselves with the healing and preventive power of Mother Nature. Nature having its own potency of healing. 

Swine Flu

A swine flu-causing virus is similar to the viruses found in pigs. 2009 was the first time, when swine flu rocked the world. That time it became pandemic worldwide and after that every year it became a seasonal trend. Commonly it is also known as H1N1.
The preliminary symptoms are similar to the common flu but in many causes, it became fatal and leaves with the falling of life.
Now a common seasonal flu virus is seen in humans. The swine influenza virus (SIV) are seen in pigs and with many members in its family like H1N1, H1N2, H3N1, H3N2, and H2N3 and all are endemic for pigs.
Nevertheless, if pork handled properly and cooked with safety then there is almost zero chance of getting it from any kind of pork product.
The common synonyms of this flu are Swine Influenza Virus Flu, Hog Virus, and Pig Flu. Generally, it became pandemic in the winters. However, the risk lies in future. The reports of genetic change in those viruses may be fatal in future. The mutant viruses will be more powerful and mostly resistant to the drugs. Here only the prevention can help to save the humankind.


  • Fever.
  • Running Nose.
  • Sneezing.
  • Burning in Eyes.
  • Burning Sensation.
  • Cough.
  • Sore throat.
  • Body aches.
  • Headache.
  • Chills.
  • Fatigue.
  • Diarrhea.
  • Vomiting.

Fatal Signs

  • Pneumonia leading to Sepsis.
  • High fever (leading to neurological problems).
  • Dehydration (from excessive vomiting and diarrhea).
  • Electrolyte imbalance (from excessive vomiting and diarrhea).

Preventive Measures

Acharya Sushruta, the father of surgery told thousands of year ago that there are few diseases, which spread with touch, with breathing, with sharing of garment, with sharing of bed, with sneezing and many more ways. Accordingly many precautions were also described by him in his world famous compilation the “Sushruta Samhita”. 
        His sayings may be thousands years old but in case of Swine Flu or other contagious diseases, these are like the copy write text book guidelines for the prevention methods. According to the flow of time, new diseases appearing on every new days but basic fundamental approach towards the prevention of contagious diseases are still same. So they are

Stay At Home

  • It is better to stay at home, if you are feeling something abnormal like, feverish, headache, running nose, burning sensations etc. Important thing to remember that if you are staying in an area having infected people around you then you may be an easy victim. Because the people who are suffering from such disease actually turns to deadly carrier of these viruses even before they develops any symptoms.
  • So not only for yourself but for the rest of the society, your family members, for the shake of nation please stay at home.

Wash Your Hand & Face Frequently

  • These viruses survive only two hours out-side the human body. It is a technical point that everyone should remember. So whenever you go to the outside try to wash your hands and face frequently. Use fresh water or Germicidal hand sanitizers for this purpose. It will reduce the chances of getting swine flu. It is easiest and simple way to protect yourself from many more contagious diseases.

Use a Mask

  • Swine flu spreads easily with the breathing air and thus it becomes more dangerous to contaminate more and more people. Using masks specially made for preventing N1H1 viruses are a major weapon to fight against swine flu.  If you are sick then put the mask and play a major role in preventing the transmission or spread of this virus. The most important thing is that by doing this you can save thousands of life.

Avoid Heavily Crowed Public Transports

  • Transport system is the backbone of the modern civilization but sometimes it became the most suitable media to spread the deadly diseases. Swine flu can spread through breathing air, touch, sneezing, body fluids, sharing seats and many more these sharing options make it more venerable. So always, try to avoid highly crowded trains, buses, market places, theaters, public gatherings etc. Remember that avoiding crowd reduces the chances of getting swine flu by a huge margin.

Eat lite and plenty of fluids

  • However, it will not protect you from swine flu but it will help to survive difficulties. For an example if you are suffering from swine flu or any other seasonal flu then consume lite food. During such period, it is extremely necessary to take care of your gut. Most of the cases vomiting or diarrhea is a common issue so fluid consume should be educate for maintaining body electrolyte balance. 

How to challenge the Swine Flu ? 

A million dollar question is “Can we live with the patients suffering from flu and without getting it ?”
The answer is very simple yes and is only if you can attain a level of excellence where no germ can penetrated your body. There are some ways to attain such immunity.
  • By attain acquired immunity we can do it. By using some very potent Rasayan Drugs, Herbs we can generate an extra immune defense within our body. There are plenty of such herbs and preparation available around us, which can boost up our body defense.
  • However, Vaccination is available above 6 months against but my point of view is this vaccine will prevent only N1H1 virus but if you use herbal preparations for enhancing immunity then that will help you to fight against all deadly germs. Which means the Rasayan drugs are multi faced and having many extra benefits.

Home Remedies For Swine Flu

1     Guduchi

Giloy or Guduchi a very potent herb that can be used for enhancing body immune defense. Take a mature stem (10 inch one stem) and boil in water. Make decoction and consume with few fresh leaves of Tulsi. Regular use of Guduchi can improve your body defense. Commercially is  also available as, 
  • Guduchi Satva (250 mg to 1 gram twice daily with honey).
  • Cap. Guduchi ( 250mg to 500 mg twice daily).
  • Tab. Immumod (1 tab twice daily).
  • Syp. Immumod (5-10 ml twice daily).
It is recommended that take any of those medicine in empty stomach (10 minutes before food) It also plays as a major contributor in the treatment of DiabetesGout, Autoimmune diseases, Skin disorders, Viral fevers, Immunity related issues.

      Camphor (Kapoor)

It has an excellent promise in the presentation of swine flu. Approximately 250 mg/300mg of camphor (Kapoor) should be consumed once in a month. It is having an excellent antiviral effect. One thing should be remembered that it should not be consumed regularly or daily basis.


The Holi basil a very well-known name to everyone. It having some exceptional antibacterial and antiviral activity. It also shows some potent antifungal actions. However, fresh 5/6 leaves of Tulsi can give you some unimaginable immunity. It is also a very good lung tonic and plays a major role in keeping respiratory tract ready to fight against viruses like N1H1. Commercially it is also available as  
  • Cap Tulsi (Himalaya Drug Company) 1/2 cap twice daily.
  • Syp Tulsi (Himalaya Drug Company) 1/2 tsf twice daily.
  • Tulsi Ghana Vati (Divya Pharmacy) 1/2 tab twice daily.

4    Garlic

It is rich sources of antioxidants. It is an antibacterial and antifungal agent. It acts as an immunomodulator. It improves the body immune system so that our body can fight against all odd situations. Daily 2/3 pods of raw garlic are recommended followed by luke warm water in empty stomach. Commercially available as
  • Cap. Lasuna (Himalayan Drug Company) 1/2 cap twice daily.
  • Tab. Garlic Pearls 1 tab twice daily

5       Aloe vera 

Aloe Vera contains almost all the essential vitamins and minerals; plenty amount of folic acid & essentials amino acids & fatty acids. It boosts up the acquired immunity. It helps to detoxify the body. In one sense, it is complete pack of solutions for many problems. Commercially
  • Aloe vera  juice (manufactured by many companies)
  • Kumarisav (manufactured by all leading drug manufacturers)


There is nothing to tell about the benefits of Indian gooseberry, it is citrus fruit and full of Vitamin C. It improves the body immune defense. It rejuvenates the body. It decreases the aging process.
Amal Juice (manufactured by many companies but product from Divya pharmacy costs less)
Drum Stick
A seasonal vegetable that becomes available during the outbreak periods of swine flu. It is having multiple actions in body. It acts as an immunomodulator. Regular use of drumstick in diet can be helpful in the prevention of swine flu.

Useful Compound Medicines

  • Chavanprash (manufactured by all leading drug manufacturers)
  • Amlaki Rassayan (manufactured by all leading drug manufacturers)
  • Septilin Tablet & Suspension & Drops (Himalayan Drug Company)
  • Extraimmune Tablets & Syrups (Charak Pharmaceuticals )
  • Sepno Capsules & Syrups (Selveo Life Sciences)
  • SIVA Herbal Drops (Dr. Jrk Siddha) 

Swine Flu Vaccine Vs Herbal Remedies:

Vaccination of swine flu is now available. It can help to protect ourselves from getting swine flu. Nevertheless, herbal preparations can help almost in the same way but with better-extended effects. All herbal preparations having some extraordinary capacity to boost up our immune defense and that works form not only swine flu but for many other diseases. Use of herbal remedies can give us an unimaginable potency what will protect us not only today but even in future from many upcoming threats.  

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