Pain Abdomen: Things To Remember In Emergencies

Pain Abdomen or feeling pain inside the abdomen a very common thing for doctor but for you it may be a breath taking experience. Almost all of us have experienced it in different ways. However, most of the times this pain is not serious ones. Few subside by time and few by simple symptomatic medicines. Nevertheless, not all are so lucky. Sometimes it may be a major one and you may go through a big operation. Therefore, a basic understating regarding the nature of the pain is very necessary. There are plenty of home remedies and herbal preparations, which are helpful for these purposes.
Causes Of Pain Abdomen
·        Constipation 
·        Indigestion
·        Gastritis (Inflammatory diseases of stomach)
·        Menstrual Disorders
·        Food Poisoning
·        Food Allergies
·        Hernia
·        Appendicitis
·        Gallstones
·        Inflammatory diseases of gallbladder.  
·        Renal Calculi (Kidney Stones)
·        PID (Pelvic Inflammatory Diseases)
·        Lactose Intolerance
·        Gastric Ulcers
·        Duodenal Ulcers
·        Endometriosis
·        Crohn's Disease
·        Gases Distention
·        Excessive Flatulence 
·        Over Eating
·        GERD
·        Cystitis 
·        Long standing UTI 
·        Acute Gastroenteritis (AGE)
·        IBS
·        Diverticulitis
·        Mesenteric ischemia
·        Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm
·        Pancreatitis
·        Ulcerative Colitis
·        Microscopic Colitis
·        Esophagitis
·        Adhesions (Post-Surgical cases)
·        Volvulus
·        Tumors
·        Piles
·        Abdominal Angina
·        Menstruation
·        Ovarian Torsion
·        Fibroid
·        Ovarian Cyst
·        Uremia
·        Threaten Abortions
·        Ectopic Pregnancy
·        Uterine Tumor
·        Hepatitis 
Muscle Stain or Trauma…..etc.
Type Of Pain
You may experience different types of pain. According to the causes and site of pain, the nature may be different. The feeling will be different. However, the nature of pain is important for a professional medical man to diagnose the case clinically. Investigations
In most of the cases, there is no need of any investigation as most of the pain subsides with time or after simple medicines. However, recurrent pains or a constant with other symptoms like nausea, vomiting, bleeding, burning micturition may require some investigation. However, it is better to consult with a doctor if you feel something unusual pain without any relation with your diet.
·        Blood for R/E
·        Liver Profile
·        Electrolytes Estimation
·        Blood Sugar
·        ECG
·        Stool R/E
·        Stool For Occult Blood
·        Urine R/E
·        Plain X-ray Abdomen
·        Barium Meal X-ray
·        Colonoscopy
·        Endoscopy
·        USG Whole Abdomen
·        USG (KUB)
·        Computed Tomography
·        CT Scan Abdomen (Whole)
·        MRI
Home Remedies
There are plenty of herbs, which are helpful for the treatment of Pain Abdomen. Mainly the when the pain associated with some major causes then surgical interruptions may needed. Therefore, before starting any home remedy you have to evaluate the probable cause. In most of the cases people suffers from Indigestion and other digestive disorders for which herbs like Jeera, Ginger, Kutaja, Pippali, Haritaki, Saindhav Lavan, Beal, Shatapuspi works great. In the cases with involvement of Urinary Tract Infection Goukshur, Punarnava, Chandana, works great.
Hot fomentation or fomentation with a hot water bag can give you some relief from abdominal colic.    
When You Need Hospitalizations?
·        If pain is not related with the food you ingested (Like over eating),
·        If associated with vomiting, nausea, loose stool.
·        If associated with severe pain with breathing difficulty.
·        If associated with chest pain.
·        If pain doesn't subsides with in few minutes.
·        If there is any chances of any injury.
·        If there is temperature along with severe pain.
·        If there is previous history of hospitalization due to known causes then don’t late in reaching hospital nearby.
·        If any bleeding noted.
Simply you can say in almost all cases you need to visit your physicians chamber or hospital.
Know it is clear that we may need an immediate hospitalization depending upon the condition of the patient. Most of the cases doesn't even required any medicines. However, in few cases a quick action may be a lifesaving one. In recent study, it is clear that cases associated with Abdominal Pains are now increasing in numbers. Further studies and data's are also indicating that our way of living is the main cause of such conditions. So, from my point of view it is better to consult with your physician if you are going through this.

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