Punarnavasava; Ingredients, Indications, Dosages


  • Bhaishyajaratnavali
  • Sloka 197-200


  1. Maricha
  2. Haritaki
  3. Punarnava
  4. Bhibhitak
  5. Amlaki
  6. Darvi
  7. Eranda
  8. Brihati
  9. Durlavha
  10. Patola
  11. Draksha
  12. Sita
  13. Makshika


  1. Abdominal Tumors
  2. Patients suffering from Anemia Cases associated with Edema
  3. Kidney disorders.


  • 4 teaspoonful twice daily with equal water, just after food.


  • Avoid if you are diabetic. Otherwise safe for every one.


  • It comes in plastic or glass bottle and all leading manufactures are making it.


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