Dirty Things At Home

Human civilization is on the peak of its glory. Day after day, we are becoming stronger and more dominating. However, regarding achieving the health for all we are still long behind from our targets.
A simple question comes gradually in everyone’s mind that “Why the world is full of diseases, suffering” but the answer remains within ourselves. In recent studies, it is found that we are getting infections not because we are attacked by germs but because of our invitations to the germs to live in our homes.
Though we are the most civilized but every new day, we are conducting tanning on hygiene, hand washing, sanitation, cleanliness, and behavioural change. So what does it mean ? It really a matter of shame for us that being the most civilised animal we are now the most dirtiest animals on earth.
Have you seen a bird to live in a nest after getting some shower on that? No, they change the place if it becomes dirty. However, we have seen human to live in slum areas, dirty places. We can adopt ourselves in dirty places though those areas are the causes of sources of all deadly diseases.
So do you think you are clean? I will say no because after reading this article you will realise the facts. Day after day, we are becoming dirtier and more unhygienic in many ways. So let us see the matter that forces us to live dirty even in most hitch lifestyle.

Your Precious Laptop

It is one of the most important parts of life. Without it, living in this modernized world seems very difficult. Whoever you are, if once it came in your life it becomes a lifetime partner. However, many of us perhaps do not know that it also a home of many deadly bacteria and fungus. Our sweats, body fluids, dirty hands always touch the keypads and thus different bacterial growth occurs. Interestingly the hot environment of the machine works like incubator (which is used in labs for cultivation of germs).
Therefore, whenever you keep your laptop in a bag always use some Naphthalene based perfumed balls. It will keep your laptop somehow away from many deadly germs.
Wash your laptop keyboard with alcohol based (or chlorhexidine gluconate solution) hand sanitizers (only after switch off the device) on weekly basis. A piece of cotton should be soaked in sanitizer than it should be squeezed so that no dripping occurs during cleaning. This way you can make your workstation quite free from germs.

Your Dearest Mobile Devices

Mobile phones, an inseparable device for everyone. You pass more time with them than our close relatives do. Living a day without mobile seems to be living in an island with no human all around. It is true in modern time we cannot ignore mobile devices. With time the device are growing faster and bigger. Nevertheless, the truth is that they are the heavens of germs. It is already established that the mobile phone (which is used for last six months) carries equal number of germs that presents in our toilets.
Therefore, it is better to keep your device in a zipper pack with naphthalene-based balls inside when it remain unused. It many smell odd so better used perfumed Naphthalene balls. Moreover, if you are a smart phone user then the risks are more as because these devices are more addiction able and generates suitable environment for faster germ growth. Therefore, it will be better if you use the ear buds to clean the small wholes after soaking in alcohol based hand sanitizers or chlorhexidine gluconate solution. 

Your Remote Controller Devices

You will not believe but your TV remote- Or AC remote may be a suitable place for the germ causing bacteria. Therefore, it is advisable that you should keep those things away from infants and you should wash your hands after operating those.
Use alcohol based hand sanitizers or chlorhexidine gluconate solution to wash those. Again, like the previous methods you can put them in an airtight zipper pack with some Naphthalene balls.

Your Money & Your Wallet

Your wallet…no it should be the home of germs that you used to carry all the time. It sounds bitter but the truth is “your wallet contains more germs than the public toilets.” You can use some alcohol spray to wash this. Interesting fact is that your money (paper notes) are the most contaminated paper in this world, they always runs a race from one hand to another and thus it become more contaminated then toilets.

Your Kitchen Sink

One of the most favourite places for the germs to make their colony. It is the most contaminated place of your house. So a regular wash needed for those places. Use normal disinfectants like chlorhexidine gluconate solution or phenyl or acid base solutions (acid base solutions are not suitable for steel basins) that are available in the home for this purpose. 

Your Bathroom & Toilet Shower

Bathing under shower is enjoyable but do you know shower is the place of many funguses? All they can easily spread may cause some serious skin diseases. It is proved that using bucket and mug for bath are more scientific and healthy then using showers. A regular wash and brushing with an antibacterial solution like (chlorhexidine gluconate solution) can also solve this problem some extent.

Your Shore Racks

This is one of the most contaminated and dangerous areas of our home. Very often, we used to clean those. Most of the cases it is hardly cleaned in a whole year. Generally, we used to bring all the dirty things with our shoes & scandals to home and used to keep them safe in racks. It is one of the most contaminated corners of our home. Using normal disinfectants or alcohol or Naphthalene ball can be used regularly to make those areas clean.

Your Powerful Washing Machines

Have you ever tried to watch inside the washing machine? In most of the cases, it is more contaminated then the public toilets. All the dirty materials used to deposit day after day, layer by layer inside the machine. A regular washing and cleaning is needed to make you safe. Germicidal solutions are available and that can use for this purpose.

Your Precious Air Conditioners

We use air conditioners for comfortable living but we do not know that the temperature is also suitable for many germs growth. Most of the people never touch the AC unless it needs repairing. However, if we do such it may be a home of deadly bacteria and fungus.
Use of Naphthalene balls (perfumed based) can be used to keep the room fresh. A regular wash with germicidal solutions in the air filter is necessary. Safety should be given priority then comfort.

Water Filters

Now days almost all the homes having some modern filtering units. However, how many of us used to clean the water tap. It always remains open and a good source for germ build up. The water inside the filter remains purified but during dispensing, it became contaminated. Therefore, a regular basis cleaning needed to wash this area.

Flush Tank Of Your Toilet

Generally, it is good place for the germs to make a colony. We never open those boxes unless they needed some servicing. Now a day some germicidal balls are available which can be used regularly. It not only keeps the toilet flush tank safe but also the toilet germs free.


Have you noticed that some time we throw out few vegetables form the freeze because they develop fungus? What does it mean?  However, the freeze keeps the food cool and safe but is they safe for long storage? Behind every freeze there is a container which is nothing but for the colection of mellted ice. This tank is nothing but the home for parasties and mosquto. Mosquto used to lay eggs on those waters and it is one of the contributing factor for Malaria, Japanes Encaphalitis, Filariasis, Dengu with in our home. 
There are different parts of the freeze of which the icebox is the safest place but you cannot keep everything there. So what to do?
A regular defrosting and cleaning is the mantra of a healthy refrigerator. Most of the refrigerators having a very complicated door with some rubber based boundaries and that could be a place for the germs to hide. Though we clean the freezes but door sides commonly remains untouched. Simple detergent or soap water is enough to clean all the parts of freeze. 

Your Wardrobe

Our cloths are one of the main sources of infection. While roaming outside we used to come contact with many germs and most of them are venerable. We use many cloths that we do not wash frequently but use to keep them in the wardrobe and thus our wardrobe becomes a hunting place the germs. Naphthalene balls can be used for this purpose. Regular washing or dry washing or keeping the used cloths a side are the best practices.

Your Doormats

Doormats are one of the most important things at our home. On regular basis, those are used to restrict the unwanted dusts. However, with our shoes, we also bring some deadly germs from the streets and they get an easy shelter in the doormats. Very rarely we used those doormats with germicidal. It is necessary for us to restrict all unwanted germs from entering our homes. Simple germicidal like phenyl or chlorhexidine gluconate solution can be used on regular basis for this purpose.  

Your Favourite Travelling Luggage

Travelling is always fun for everyone. However, during travelling with luggage, we used to bring many germs with us and the truth is hardly few of us used to clean them with proper methods. Use of Naphthalene balls or rubbing with germicidal solution can be useful.

Your Expensive Shoes & Sandals

Our shoes and sandals are the most venerable aliments that always exposed to all deadly germs. Nevertheless, washing shoes with germicidal is also sounds odd to us. However, the fact is that a regular use of germicidal or antifungal powders can save us from many skin diseases. The shocks should be treated in the same way.

Your Helmets

How many of us used to clean the helmets on regular basis? However, due to sweating many fungi colony grows within the helmets inner surface. Dandruff is a common problem causes by fungus in almost all two-wheeler riders. Therefore, regular wash or using a cloth inside that and application of antifungal dusting powder can be useful. It is good to put the helmet in the sunlight daily.

Air Coolers

Air coolers are one of the most favourite places for the fungus and other germs. It is a nice place to live. As it comes in use on seasonal basis and inner atmosphere always remain moist so fungal growth is always supported by the air coolers. Use of germicidal in the water of the air cooler is the most effective method to tackle with this problem.

Your Undergarments

Our undergarments are the most venerable thing that we use on regular basis. Our unwashed undergarments consists tons of bacteria and other deadly germs. We should always clean our undergarments separately if it is not washed immediately after use. If someone having the fungal infection on the private areas then she or she should not keep her/his undergarments with the dresses of others. Regular use of germicidal on washing and antifungal powder before wearing is a good habit (if you are suffering from skin infections).

Your Beautiful Wrist Watches

Living without a watch is difficult but living with a dirty watch is dangerous. They remain with us throughout the day, in all the conditions but we never try to look the inside story. Due to sweat and other dusts and moist lots of dirty materials used to accumulate in the belts of the watches. These dirty things are not only harmful but can cause some serious skin diseases.
Regular use of germicidal solution is the best way to keep our watches germ free.


Sounds odd the but the fact is we are the most deadly carriers of all deadly diseases. If we do not follow the rules of personal hygiene then there is no way to getting out from the diseases. Therefore, it is highly important to adopt all aseptic measures to keep ourselves free from all deadly germs.

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