CAULIFLOWER ( FULKOBI); Cmposition, Medicinal Uses, Contraindications

One of the most common vegetables in the kitchens. It is available globally. It is having some wonderful benefits as far as our health concerns.

Scientific Name:

  • Brassica oleracea L. var. botrytis Lin.

Chief Composition:

       It consists many essential things like,
  1. Protein,
  2. Fat, C
  3. alcium,
  4. Magnesium,
  5. Phosphorus,
  6. Iron,
  7. Sodium,
  8. Potassium,
  9. Sulfur,
  10. Copper,
  11. Riboflavin,
  12. Thiamin,
  13. Nicotinic Acid,
  14. Vitamin C.

Medicinal Uses:

  1. Useful in constipation.
  2. Useful for those suffering from worm infestation.
  3. Useful for those having menstrual disorders.
  4. Useful as general tonic.
  5. Useful those suffering from anemia
  6. Useful of those having heart diseases.
  7. Useful for people suffering from mouth ulcers.
  8. Useful for those having minor skin diseases.
  9. Useful for recovery for major surgeries or cuts.


  1. Harmful for those having protein metabolic disorders.
  2. No indicated for those having Gout or High Uric Acid.


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