Charak Samhita: Introduction, Chapters

Charak Samhita, one of the most prestigious book in Ayurveda. It was written in Sanskrit. According to the historian the content of the book was first articulated by Atreya, and then subsequently codified by Agnivesa, after that, it was revised by Charaka, and the final text which is available today was compiled by a Kashmiri called Drdhabala. It was written from sixth century BC or earlier to the first century AD or later. The book having eight major parts and all parts having certain numbers of chapters and all are dedicated to the betterment of human kind.

Sutrasthan (Basic Principles):

  • It having 30 chapters and all of these main deals about healthy leaving, drugs, herbs and duties of the physician.

Nidansthan (Pathology):

  • It having 8 chapters and all of these deals with eight major diseases.

Vimansthan (Specific Determination & Diagnostic Tools):

  • It having 8 chapters all of these deals with different diagnostic tools, medical studies, ideas for successful treatment etc.

Sarirsthan (Anatomy):

  • It having 8 chapters and all of them deals with embryology & human anatomy.

Chikitsasthan (Therapeutics):

  • It having 30 chapters and all dedicated to the treatment procedures of some specific diseases and consequences.

Indriyasthan (Sensorial Prognosis):

  • It having 12 chapters dedicated to the diagnosis & prognosis of disease on the basis of senses and signs.

Kalpanasthan (Pharmaceutics & Toxicology):

  • It having 12 chapters and all are dedicated to preparation and production of medicines.

Siddihisthan (Successful Treatment Procedures):

  • It having 12 chapters and all are dedicated to Panchakarma, some special procedures of treatment.
There are many authors who have written their special thesis based on this book. Now a days this book is translated in several regional and international languages.


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