Digestive Insufficiency (Agnimandhya): Symptoms, Causes, Home Tasks & Herbal Medicines

Are you suffering from indigestion on regular basis.......?  Are you afraid of taking spicy foods...? Are you avoiding invitations for abdominal troubles.....?
Then you are suffering from digestive Insufficiency. There are any causes for developing such symptoms. In Ayurveda three major defects are described under digestive powder (So called Jatharagni) and they are
  1. Mandagni (Low digestive power)
  2. Vishmagni (Alternate digestive power)
  3. Atyagni or Trikshnagni (Excessive digestive powder)


  1. Regular Acidity.
  2. Indigestion. 
  3. Fullness of abdomen.
  4. Flatulence.
  5. Pain abdomen.
  6. Constipation.
  7. Body ache. 
  8. Backache. 
  9. Burning chest.
  10. Acidic irritation in throat.
  11. Loss of appetite.
  12. Weight loss
  13. Anemia


  1. Untimely food intake.

  1. Uncooked food intake.
  2. Excessive food intake.
  3. Seasonal variations.
  4. Loss of sleep at night.
  5. Intake of incompatible food.
  6. Excessive cold food intake.
  7. Excessive heavy meals intake.
  8. Excessive dry food intake.
  9. Excessive spicy food intake.
  10. Day dreaming.
  11. Excessive mental stress.
  12. Emotional breakdowns.
  13. Intestinal diseases like IBS, colitis etc.
  14. Excessive oily food intake.

Things to Remember:

  1. Avoid all the causes mentioned above. It is the first line of treatment. By just doing this you may also get rid of digestive insufficiency.
  2. Take some small ginger pieces and mix with Saindhav Laban just 15 minutes before the major food.
  3. Try some ginger juice with equal amount Vinegar just before food.
  4. Old rice, Moogdal, Fenugreek, Raddish, Garlic, Drum Stick, Amlaki, Ginger, Lemon, Dhaniya, Cumin, butter milk etc are very much effective in such case.
  5. One should avoid day dreaming, sleepless nights.
  6. If some suffering from any systemic diseases then that should be treated accordingly. 


  1. Agnikumar ras 225 mg twice daily with ginger juice or lemon juice.
  2. Kabayad Ras 225 mg twice daily with honey. 
  3. Sankhabhasma 500 mg twice daily with honey. 
  4. Agnitundi Ras 500 mg twice daily with honey. 
  5. Hingadhi Bati 4 tablets twice daily before food to be chew.
  6. Chitrakadi Bati 4 tablets twice daily before food to be chew.
  7. Hinghastak Churna 6 grams (half teaspoon) with ghee during meal.
  8. Yabanisadab Churna 6 grams (half teaspoon)  with meal. 
  9. Draksharista 30 ml twice daily with half glass water just after food.
  10. Lavan Bhaskar Churna 6 grms (half teaspoon) just after food with half glass warm water.
  11. Vaishyanar Churna 4 grams (1/3rd teaspoon) with luke warm water at bed time.
  12. Avipattikar Churna  (1/3rd teaspoon) with luke warm water at bed time.
  13. Tab, Gasex 2 tablet twice daily after food.
  14. Syp. Gasex 2 tsf twice daily after food.
  15. Tab. Ojus 2 tab twice daily after food.
  16. Syp. Ojus 2 tsf twice daily after food.
  17. Syp. Digicure 2 tsf twice daily after food.
According to Ayurveda abnormal digestion system is one of the main cause of different diseases.

Here combination therapy works great but for that you have to consult with your ayurvedic physician. 



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