Influenza: Clinical Features, Causes, Mode of Transmission, Investigations, Home Remedies, Herbal Managements

Having chill, malaise,  body ache,  fever......? Then you might be a victim of viral fever. A wrong Conception runs in the society that it cures in 3 days if you take medicine otherwise takes 72 hrs. The basic thing is that if you are suffering from the viral fever then you need medication and proper rest. There are plenty of Herbal Cures for such issues.

Clinical Features:

  • Sudden raise of temperature  fever. 
  • Body ache with out any heavy physical activity. 
  • Headache without any triggering issues. 
  • Malaise. 
  • Sudden developed anorexia. 
  • Nasal Stuffiness. 
  • Sore throat. 
  • Coryza. 
  • Non Productive Cough with out any triggered cause. 
  • Burning sensation and little bit uncomfortable on touch. 
  • Weakness and feeling of chill. 


  • This kind infections our due to flu virus. Such virus having three varrites. Type A,  Type B,  Type C.  

Mode of Transmission:

  • It spreads through respiratory route.
  • Can spread with flu cough. 
  • It can spread through talk. 
  • It can spread with sneeze. 


  • Blood For Routine Examination. 
  • Influenza antigen kit test (Nasal or Throat Swab) 
  • Urine Routine Examination
  • Some other tests may required if necessary. 

Home Remedies & things to remember 

  • Ginger juice mix with juice of Tulsi leaves with honey. 
  • Ginger juice with honey 
  • Gudduchi stem juice with ginger juice after mixing with honey or sugar. 
  • Vasaka juice(leaves) with Ginger juice after mixing with honey. 
  • Paste of Kali jeera with meals.
  • Take plenty amount of fluid.
  • Eat fresh vegetables and seasonal fruits. 
  • Make sure that you are not going to spread this. Please don't go outside while having such symptoms. 
  • Take enough rest and don't expose yourself in dust or sunlight unless it is urgent.
  • Use your hand and clothes so that it can't spread to others. 

Herbal Cures

  • Naradiya Laxmivilash Ras: 2 tab twice daily after food with betel leaf juice or ginger juice.
  • Giloy Satva: 500 mg twice daily with honey. 
  • Mritunjoy Ras: 2 tab twice daily after food. 
  • Tab. Trishun: 1 tab twice daily after food. 
  • Cap. A-3 Forte: 1 cap twice daily. 
  • Syp.  A-3 forte: 5/10 ml twice daily after food. 
  • Cap. Gudduchi: 1 cap twice daily. 
  • Tab. Immumod: 1 tab twice daily after food. 
  • Immumod Syp: 5/10 ml twice daily after food. 
  • Cap. Sepno 1/2 capsules twice daily after food 
  • Tab. Septilin 1/2 tablets twice daily after food
  • Syp. Septilin 5/10 ml twice daily after food. 
  • Tribhuvankirti Ras 1/2 tab twice daily after food with honey.
  • Syp. Amritarista 4 tsf twice daily after food with half glass water. 
  • Syp. Draksharista 4 tsf twice daily after food with half glass water. 

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