Boro Plus Antiseptic Cream: Ingredients, Indications, Application, Side Effects


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  • Antiseptic Cream. 


  1. Hedychium spicatum. 
  2. Santalum album
  3. Aloe indica 
  4. Azadirachta indica 
  5. Pavonia odorata
  6. Curcuma longa 
  7. Nymphaea alba
  8. Acacia catechu
  9. Yasada Bhasma (Zinc Oxide) 
  10. Tankana amla (Boric acid) 
  11. Dugdha pashana (Talc) 
  12. Methyl Paraben
  13. Propyl Paraben 

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  1. Useful in minor cuts. 
  2. It is good for cracked heels
  3. It is good for cracked nipple. 
  4. It having antibacterial properties. 
  5. It is useful for general skin infections. 
  6. It is useful in softening the thickened skin of elbow. 
  7. It is useful in cracked lips.

Side Effects:

  1. It is a herbal mineral preparation. It contains some magical herbs extracts. Overall it having no mention-able side effects.
  2. Some person may be sensitive to this.  So experimental use must be done before using it regularly.

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