Boroline Antiseptic Cream: Ingredients, Indications, Application, Side Effects


  • G.D. Pharmaceuticals Private Limited. 


  • Herbal Antiseptic Cream.



  1. Tankana Bhasma. 
  2. Yasada Bhasma. 
  3. Lanolin.
  4. Mineral Oil. 


  1. It smooths chapped lips. 
  2. It cures minor cuts and wounds. 
  3. It softens elbows and abraded the skin. 
  4. It is good for Planter Xerosis or Cracked heels. 
  5. It is good for cracked nipples.
  6. It cures general skin infections. 
  7. It smoothens the dry skins. 
  8. It is ideal for the use in winter. 
  9. It can be used in the stitches after operations. 


  1. Use in the affected area with you hand after proper hand washing. 
  2. It is purely for external use. 
  3. If the lactating mother uses it in nipples then she should wash the area properly before feeding her baby. 

Side Effects:

  • It is a safe and effective herbal mineral preparation. It is one of the most common antiseptic cream used in India from last many decades.
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