Burnol Cream: Ingredients, Indications, Application, Side Effects, Precausions


  • Mega International (P) Ltd. Marketed By: Dr. Morepen Limited. 


  • The original burnt cream.


  1.  Aminacrine Hydrochloride Cetrimide Emulsion Base... QS.


Most common brand in India for the primary treatment of minor burns.
It can be used in the following cases:

  1. Superficial Bruns.
  2. In prevention of secondary infections in burn cases.
  3. For the treatment of minor cuts and wounds.
  4. Can be used for the treatment of minor skin infections.


First, apply cold water to the affected area then apply burn directly under hygienic condition or smear on dressing for application to the affected part.

Side Effects:

  • It is a safe preparation and no mentionable side effects.


  1. Go for hospitalization if ingested.
  2. Keep away from children.
  3. Keep away from eyes. Never freeze it. Keep bellow 25'C.


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