Rice Toxicity: Basic Conception, Risks, Solution

With the progress of technology and global development our nature become more fragile due to the contamination with toxins.  Half of the global population are directly dependent on rice. But how safe they are to consume without any side effects ??
On recent times rice toxicity is one of those major threats to our modern era and it becoming more serious day by day.

Basics of Rice Toxicity:

It sounds very scary!! But it is a naked truth that our foods are no more safe to consume. The most demanding crop rice is under deep trouble.  All over the world arsenic or cadmium has become a common integrated part rice. On investigation it is found that the rice plant is that it tends to store the arsenic in the grain, rather than in the leaves or elsewhere. Unfortunately, the highest concentrations of arsenic in rice-growing regions are mostly found in parts of Asia — including Bangladesh and India.
It is said that the water of Ganges is so polluted that it is not suitable for bathing. But give a close look on this point that Ganges valleys are the most fertile land in India and the irrigation is totally dependent on the water of Populated Ganges. So, what does it mean?? Rice Plant is consuming and storing the most dangerous toxins in their seeds. And after the end of drama it is circulating all around the nation.
From Government or Private sector, it is impossible to segregate the toxin mix rice from the good one. Thus those who are taking rice from those areas are may be a victim of the deadly toxins.

Who are at risk?

  1. Frankly speaking we all are in danger.
  2. Specially the toddlers, who starts their first cereals.
  3. People who are living on the areas marked with Arsenic are in more risk.    

What to do?

So in the end the question is what is the ultimate solution…? Here we should be very specific regarding our own areas. If our surrounding areas are free from such toxins, then it is better to go for locally grown crops. If your nearby areas are designated as Arsenic containing water then be careful.   

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