Collection Procedures of Raw Materials for Herbal Drugs

A collection of the herbal components is a big challenge for drug manufacturing companies. There are several ways of collecting raw materials but having strict principles. If we go through the classics regarding the collection of raw materials, many things are not possible my modern age so I am just ignoring those parts.

Guide Lines For Collecting Raw Herbal Materials:

Seasons for collecting raw materials
  1. Stems : Varsa and Basant Ritu (Plants should be in its maturity stage) 
  2. Leaves: Varsa &  Basant Ritu (Plants should be mature and the middle time in between blooming and maturity of fruits) 
  3. Roots: Grishma &  Sishir Ritu (When leaves started falling or new leaves stared growing) 
  4. Bark: Bark should be collected in the Sarad Ritu. 
  5. Latex: Latex should be collected in the Sarad Ritu. 
  6. Flowers: During the time of blooming. 
  7. Fruits : During seasons of fruiting. 
  8. Sar: It should be collected on Hemanta Ritu. 
  9. Kanda: It should be collected on the Sarad Ritu.

Other Guidelines For Collection Of Herbs:

  • Some alternative season are mentioned in Rajnighantu but the above list is considered as the best. 
  • A collection of drugs according to the virya (potency) of a herb.  Like Herbs having shita virya should be collected in the Visarga kaal. Again Herbs having ushna virya should be collected on Adankaal. 
  • A collection of herbs according to their karma (way to work in the body) According to Sarangadhar Vaman and Virechan Herbs should be collected in the Vasant Ritu. And all other drugs should be collected in the Sarad Ritu and in the mature state.
  • Few medicinal plants are described separately for collecting them without any laws. 
  • Use of locally collected Herbs is found more effective for a local individual. 
  • A collection of herbs like fruits, vegetables are described separately with special focused on their quality at the time of collection. All partially damaged or defective or contaminated Herbs should avoid. 

Modern Age Collection:

In modern times the medicine industry is running like there is no tomorrow. Many criteria are not adopted by most of the companies and raw materials suppliers. The ratio of production and uses are not well equipped. They are collecting randomly throughout the year. Local use of medicine is ignored. Maintenance of quality is checked properly. Suppliers sometimes adulterated the raw materials with similar Herbs. All Herbal Drugs Having some self-identified as per it's potency is concerned and this part is ignored greatly by many local substandard manufacturers. For which in many cases the medicines responds lately.  The basic criteria are very much important for the efficacy of the drugs.

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