Herbal Alternatives For Facial Bleeching.

Bleaching g is one of the most important thing in modern fashion trends. Dream for fairer skin is always a dream for almost every one. But the way of getting it is not wise anymore. Companies are making more and more facial items with many harmful Ingredients. Bleaching items are on of them. They can give you instant Fairness but they lefts behind bundle of demerits.  Let's discuss about those.

Side Effects of bleaching:

  • Bleaching Creams contains sodium hypochlorite, which generally breaks the skin. After Exposer to sun light those areas become pigmented and may cause severe irritation. 
  • Sure to Bleaching your skin may get some permanent white sports. This spot may cause further cosmetic problem rather than the earlier one.
  • Use of such chemical may cause serious skin irritation and allergic reaction. 
  • Few people often complains about the dryness of skin. 
  • Occasionally few people suffers from blisters. 
  • Some unlucky people develops serious hypersensitivity reactions and develops breathing difficulty.
  • Skin looses it's freshness on regular use of such chemicals. The old age look comes quite early in search of Fairness. 

Herbal Alternatives Of Bleaching Facial Creams:

  • Saffron:

Put few stands of saffron in hot milk and let it cool for few hours. Then wash your face with the mixture with a cotton. It is safe and gives skin nutrition.
  • Turmeric:

Make a paste of turmeric with mixing with yogurt and keep it for overnight. Apply in your face in the morning.
  • Tcoomato:

Often call as natural bleecher. Regular use of tomato slice as scruber gives dual benefits. It cleans the skins dead cells and gives Fairness without any harm.
  • Besan:

Thick paste of besan gives ultimate freshness and work as skin cleanser. It also reduces the temporary hair growth and helps to look more fair and attractive.

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