Sneha Kalpa (Fatty Preparations): Basics & Uses

Ghrita, Taila, Vacha &  Majja are the four types of fatty materials described in the classical Ayurvedic texts. Among all Ghrita considered as the best of all fats. These fats are used for the production of many Herbal Drugs.


Sneha Kalpa is a simple procedure where medicated Herbs are cooked with the fatty substances and by this, the fatty substances gain the quality of the used Herbs (known as gunadhan). Such procedures are widely used in Ayurveda.

Procedures for Sneha Kalpa:

Required Compositions:

If there is no indication then fat should be four times in comparison to medicated Herbs. Then water is required for the process and that should be four times in comparison to the used fats.

Cooking Process:

  • Herbs:Fat:Water=1:4:16 should be the ratio and then put them in a big pan and start cooking over medium heat. Here few things needed to know about the proper cooking.
  • During the process, the sound of water should be diminished at the end of cooking. 
  • The fat will look separate from the Herbs.
  • The color and taste and smell will appear on the cooked fat. 
  • The cooked Herbs will not so sticky on fingers. 
  • The cooked Herbs will not be so hard or soft, they will be medium cooked.
  • If we put some fat on fire there should not be any sound.
  • In oil, there should be the formation of mild forms and in ghee, the foams will be diminished. 
  • If all these things looks good then we should keep it away from fire and let it cool down. 
  • Then it should be separated from the Herbs and the fat is ready for use. 
  • Through according to Sarangadhar the process should not be done in one day. It should be done in few days and the cooking should be in very low heat.  According to him by doing these the fat gains the optimum potency from the Herbs. 

Three Types of Sneha Pak &  Uses:

There are three types of sneha paak.
  • Mridu, 
  • Madhya, 
  • Khara Pak. 
Based on the type of cooking and final product the classification is done.
  • Mridu Pak fat is used for Nasaya. 
  • Madhya Pak fat for oral administration and Basti. 
  • Khara Pak fat for body massage.

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