Myshore Sandal Gold: Ingredients, Indications, Application, Side Effects, Contraindications


  • The Karnataka Soaps And Detergents Limited


  • Bathing Solutions


  1. Sodium Palmitate 
  2. Stearate 
  3. Oleate & Laurate water, 
  4. Glycerin 
  5. Sodium Chloride 
  6. Titanium Dioxide 
  7. Tetra Sodium EDTA
  8. Sandalwood Oil
  9. Almond Oil


  1. As a regular bathing solution. 
  2. It having TFM 80% and considered as one of the best soap in India. 
  3. It is good for the people having tender skin.
  4. It is good for winter seasons. 


  • Avoid in case fresh open injuries in 6 skin. 
  • Avoid in infected pus forming wounds. 

Side Effects:

  • No known side effects.


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