Mysore Sandal Baby Soap: Ingredients, Indications, Application, Side Effects, Contraindications


  • The Karnataka Soaps And Detergents Limited 


  • Infant bathing solution 


  1. Sodium Palmitate 
  2. Stearate 
  3. Oleate & Laurate water, 
  4. Glycerin 
  5. Sodium Chloride 
  6. Titanium Dioxide 
  7. Tetra Sodium EDTA
  8. Sandalwood Oil
  9. Almond Oil 


  1. As a regular bathing solution for your child. 
  2. It is good for the people having tender skin. 
  3. It is good for winter seasons. 


  1. Avoid in case fresh open injuries in the skin. 
  2. Avoid in infected pus forming wounds. 

Side Effects:

  1. It is a safe and no know Side Effects. 
  2. People with soap water allergies may develop some symptoms.


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