Patanjali Aloevera Gel: Ingredients, Indications, Uses, Side Effects


  • Patanjali Ayurveda ltd.


  • Personal Skin care


  1. Aloevera 


  1. Useful in roughness of skin
  2. Useful in the  and dryness of skin
  3. It helps in removal of dark spot
  4. It helps in increase of skin glow.
  5. It is also useful in case of hair fall.


  1. In the night massage your face with aloevera jel and make a layer of it and go for sleep. on the next day morning wash you face with luke warm water.
  2. Again you can massage your face with aloevera jel and can keep it for 30 minutes after reaturning from outside and then wsh with water.
  3. Those having complain of hair-fall can try this product by simply application of the jel in the scalp and followed by massage fro 15 minutes. Then wash your hairs with luke warm water.  


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